6 Flirtatious Moves That Men Actually Hate


While these techniques may work plebeians who only pay attention to their base needs, the men that you really want to appeal to have much more depth.

Superficial antics will only grant you a one way ticket to a random hook up and a casual tryst, rather than anything significant.

If you want a relationship with a quality man, you should avoid doing these flirtatious moves:

1. Arrange your boobs.

Arranging your boobs in public shows that you are lacking class and social decorum. Not only that, but men don’t really find this sexy, they actually find it unnerving and they are left feeling pretty awkward. If your girls are maladjusted, simply look for a bathroom or some secluded corner where you can readjust them in peace.

2. Licking your lips suggestively.

Licking your lips because they may be a little dry is fine, but when you lick your lips like you want to devour your date is not okay. Most of the time, this move actually scares a guy and makes them think that you’re going to pummel him and eat him up once you’re alone together.

Keep in mind, this can work when you are alone, but not so much if you are in a social setting.

3. Asking for help when you don’t need it.

Contrary to popular belief, asking for help for the most mundane things is not attractive. Many men feel that the damsel-in- distress routine is overrated and when you do it, it is a turn off. Men want a woman who is independent and can care for themselves, but have the confidence to ask for help when it is needed.

4. Nonstop flipping of your hair.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you cannot move your hair if it is in your face or if it is itching your neck, however when you flip your hair as a mannerism? It’s distracting and it makes you look pretentious. Heaven forbid that you flip your hair at the table and there is food around.

It ruins the food and there is nothing worse than finding a stray hair in your pasta. Oh, and let’s not forget that unless you’re in the bedroom, getting whipped in the face with a bunch of hair is not a big turn on.

5. Playful pinching, slapping, punching and so forth.

You aren’t a kid anymore—you’re a grown adult. Leave those childhood games in the elementary school. You might think that you are being cute when you are causing them pain, but you are just hurting them—and that is never acceptable.

6. Batting your eyelashes.

In theory, it is cute, but guys are disconcerted when a woman bats her eyelashes all the time. When it becomes something that you do all the time, it doesn’t work at all, and it makes you look like there is something wrong. Most of the time, when you are batting your eyes all the time, a man will want to blow some air into your eyeball and that isn’t all that attractive, is it?