Female Body Language Flirting – What Does It All Mean?

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Finding someone you are attracted to can leave your heart in a flutter and leave you feeling all hot under the collar. Of course, flirting comes in many forms such as talking and touch but often, the body language of women can tell you a lot more than you realize. We know that the female of the species can leave us scratching our heads when it comes to working out what they really want but through understanding what their body language is all about can help you to determine whether they are really into you.

Female Body Language – What You Need to Know

Flirting body language consists of the main element and that is to highlight the real sexual differences between men and women. Of course, identifying this difference is what makes someone appeal to you in a way that is sexy. When two people, who are interested in each other meet for the first time, there are many different changes that occur in the body. The muscle tone changes, the body takes the correct posture and the person will instantly appear to be more attractive. While a man will stand tall and powerful, a woman will display her feelings using a different type of body language such as touching her hair or tilting her head.

Body language is an insight into how much we want someone one and how attracted the other person is to you. They are female body language love signals that tell you just how much she wants you.

While some signals of flirting body language are natural others are intentional. Understanding these differences can make her look and feel sexy, so when you see a girl touching her lips/licking her lips, you will know that she is into you.

There is a real science behind all of this and many studies have found that women actually initiate a romantic encounter 90% of the time.

They achieve this by sending a number of subtle signals such as eye or body signals that are specifically designed to target men that she is attracted to. Of course, if a man knows what those signals are and how to pick them up, he would feel the urge to approach her.

Despite many men choosing to approach women without signals, their success rate is low, simply because they have not been given the signs that say that she finds him attractive and this means that they are not welcome.

In some instances, men are not all that good at identifying or correctly interpreting the signals that come with the flirting female body language. This is put down to the fact that they have a lot more testosterone than women and so, they make the mistake of believing that a smile is actually more than just a smile. Despite this, there are women who intentionally sent contradicting signals in an attempt to give themselves more time to determine whether the guy is right for them. Therefore, this can cause confusion for men and that will prevent them from making an approach.

Reading the Female Body Language

There are many different signs to look for when it comes to female body language, especially when they are flirting and trying to catch the attention of someone.

Eye contact is often one of the first signs because when she spots a man she likes, she needs to catch his gaze and hold it. Then she will look away. From the perspective of the man, he will feel intrigued and will continue to find out whether she will take a look at him again. On average, she will make eye flirting body language three times, giving the man no doubt that she wants to get to know him better.

Everyone is attracted to an infectious smile and this is particularly true when it comes to flirting and her body language. Often, a quick half-smile is all she is willing to give and that is why it is often a sign that is missed by men, however, those who do pick it up will know instantly that she is interested.

If she is sitting down then she will instantly sit straight and emphasize her breasts while crossing her legs to show them off. She will often display a different body shape depending on her position, so if she is standing then she will tilt her hips to give her back an alluring curve. There is an art to reading women’s body language but these are sure signs that she is attracted and wants to grab your attention.

Of course, once the decision has been made to approach her, she will take every opportunity to touch you. If a woman touches your arm is she flirting? Yes! Once she has touched, she will want to do it again and might even pretend to do it accidentally but she will continue to push boundaries to see how comfortable you are with it.

There are a huge array of signs and of course, every woman is different. She might toss her head and touch her hair or she might make her lips wet.

Identify the Signs and Make a Move When it Counts

Interpreting female body language might be a mystery to every man on earth but some of the signals and signs are rather elaborate and are given off in this way for a reason. If she is playing with her hair, making eye contact or showing off her legs then these are definite signs that she wants you to make a move. The science behind female body language is complex but many studies that have been carried out have given men an insight into what to look for and that, in many ways, gives them a slight advantage!

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