What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings?


Actions speak louder than words, right? Well that is certainly the case when it comes to the way a man kisses you. A kiss can say so much more than words and is a sure-fire way to tell not only if he is into you, but also how much. Now while not every kiss has to be a long slow and passionate kiss, there are some signs to look out for from the way he kisses you. Let’s take a look at what you can tell by a guy about the way he kisses:

What his kiss says about how he feels

Not every guy has the ability to kiss us the way we want to be kissed ladies. Let’s face it, if it worked with everyone we met, life would be a tad confusing. There are those that will try and eat your face with no passion or elegance and then there are those guys that take their time, that know exactly what to do with their tongue and that leave you wanting more. But it goes much deeper than that to the point where the way he kisses says a lot about how he feels. It’s knowing what these signs are that are the key.

How to tell he loves you by his kiss

Is he responsive to you and how you are kissing? Does he slow the pace down, does he respond to how you are kissing him? Is he taking his time and does it feel natural. Does he hold on to you for just a little longer, not wanting to break the kiss and does he come back in for another? Another sign is if he stops and slows down if you are not ready to take things further. Perhaps he will walk you to your door after a night out, kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before and then leave. Does he kiss you first thing in the morning before you have brushed your teeth and when you have absolutely no makeup up done and bed hair? These are all signs of how he feels about you and if he is for real.

What does kissing mean to a man?

Guys get just as nervous as men when it comes to the first kiss as it’s a big deal. It has to be right. There is so much pressure and expectation around this moment that your lips finally meet that, to a man, it can be just as worrying as it is for a woman. Once your lips lock though, and the chemistry is right, all of those worries melt away and you both get a rush of chemicals that will tell you if this is right. If it’s a good match, then you are going to spend a lot of time kissing.

The chemistry behind kissing

When you kiss, it is much more than just a physical act. When you are engaged in kissing, the hormone oxytocin is released which gives you a feeling of being bonded to the other person. Feelings of trust and relaxation are invoked as your chemical balance changes. Now while kissing, for the most part, feels good, there are those toe-curling, eye-popping snogs that make us forget who and where we are. These are the great kisses and the ones that tell a lot about how a guy feels about you or how you feel about him.

Where is he kissing you?

Other than the full on frontal lip smacker, there are many other ways a man can show his affection. Most of them can only be analysed by your history and the stage of your relationship. From your forehead to your hand, there are a number of meanings behind where and how he is kissing you.

Forehead – A kiss on the forehead is a sign of mutual trust and a deeper connection. Let’s face it, if it was just a sign of friendship or platonic feelings then it just wouldn’t happen. You don’t get kissed on the forehead by every guy you know, right?

Hand – charming, old school and traditional. Not as common as it used to be but still a sign of respect and affection.

Cheek – it’s not easy to read a kiss on the cheek and it can be hard to interpret. It could be a sign that he likes you, or it could be a sign that you are being friend-zoned. You are going to need further evidence to be able to analyse this one.

When he kisses your neck?

Let’s stop for a minute and think about this. Chances are if he is kissing your neck, you aren’t going to be giving a lot of thought to what it means as, if you are standing up, you are going to be focused on not going too weak at the knees. For many women being kissed on the neck is the ultimate turn on but what does it mean if a man kisses you there? Well, the short answer is that he wants you and he wants you now! He knows that for most women it is a weak spot guaranteed to get you going. It’s not about love, this move is about lust so not the best way to judge if he loves you or how honorable his intentions are.

Now, you can spend all day analysing his kiss and what it means about how he feels but don’t overthink it. If you are yet to enjoy your first kiss then you are going to need to chill out and go with the flow. If you have been dating for a while and you want to know how he feels then engage him in a good old kissing session and see if you can work it out.