Seven Rules on Effective Ways to Flirt


Find out how you can effectively flirt with local singles in your area without being too obvious.

It is not easy putting yourself out there in the big scary world of dating. Not everyone thrives when they try flirting. Some of us prefer to run the opposite way at the thought of having to flirt to get our man. But flirting isn’t always about being aggressive and having a wall of confidence, in fact, aggressive flirting is quite off-putting. There are, however, very subtle ways you can flirt, without having to be the center of the room, or barging people out of the way to get his attention. Here are seven ways to do it without actually looking like you are flirting.


Smiling is the universal way of telling those around you, you are happy, relaxed, and open to conversation. You will find he mimics your smiling, because it is contagious

Body language.

You don’t have to scream I like you across the room. Your body language can do that for you. Turn your body towards him, twirl your hair, lightly brush his arm, or his skin. Touch his knee casually when you are sharing a joke.

Show interest.

Listen when they are talking whilst maintaining eye contact. Nod your head in the right places. Don’t spend the entire conversation talking about yourself, ask questions. If your mind goes blank, return the question he asked you. For example, he asks ‘how often do you come here’ return the question to him. If he is talking about his cat, ask him more about his cat, does he have more cats, what kind of cats does he like? How, where and why, use these rules and you should not go wrong.

Dress to impress.

You don’t need to take out that wedding dress you bought two years ago, but there is nothing nicer than when someone makes an effort for you.

Be approachable.

No one is going to approach you if you are in the middle of a loud group. If you see someone you like, separate yourself from the group. Stand on your own so that you are easily approachable. By doing this along with eye contact, you are giving him the opportunity to approach without feeling overwhelmed by the people you are with.

Eye contact.

Experts have suggested this is a sure fire way of telling letting someone know you are interested. They call it the three-time contact. This means that you look at the guy you like, maintain eyes contact for a few seconds then look away. Repeat this three times.


Everyone loves them. Subtle compliments about what he is wearing, his cologne, or his features, will go a long way. Don’t be too heavy with the compliments or you will come across a little crazy. For instance, don’t work your way down from his head to toe paying compliments on everything he is wearing from his hair to his shoes. One or two compliments will do, and space them out. ‘I like your hair, also I like your teeth and your shoes.’ Sounds a little much. Be casual, but more importantly, be yourself.