How to French Kiss a Girl: French Kissing Tips


The open-mouthed kiss, commonly called “French” kissing by Europeans and Americans, is one of the most sensual, romantic, and tricky ways to show a girl just how into her you are. Get it right and sparks will fly… get it wrong, and, well, you might need a tissue to wipe the drool off of your face. If you want to learn how to wow that special someone with a hot, passionate kiss you’re in the right place; we can help you to perfect your technique. Before we move on to that, however, have you ever asked yourself, “Why is it called French kissing?”.

Well, funnily enough, we can help with that too!

The Origins of the “French” Kiss

We’re sorry to disappoint you when we say that French kissing might not be French at all! You see, references to open-mouthed kissing have been found in sources which are thousands of years old. The first known reference to such a kiss appears in works written in Sanskrit in about 2500 B.C.E, and 3rd-century copies of the famous Kama Sutra also mention kissing the “interior” of the mouth. In fact, even the Romans were at it!

Well, who invested French kissing then? The answer is that we’re not entirely sure who started it in the first place; some people think that it may have been a natural evolution in the process of showing affection, others think it mimics the way some animals feed their young (yeah, we’re not sure about that theory either). We like to go with the first explanation.

So, French kissing is not actually French; in fact, the French did not even have an official word for the practice until very recently! The word used, “galocher”, was a slang word which has only been added to the official lexicon within the last five years!

So, Why Is “French” Kissing Called French Kissing, Then?

So, where did French kissing come from if not from France?

There are a few theories about when we started to think of this kiss as French, but the most universally accepted one is that it started with soldiers (why doesn’t that surprise us?).

You see, there is a marked upturn in people French kissing, and mentioning French kissing, in America and Britain during the 1920s. The general consensus is that soldiers returning from the battlefields in France started showing their wives and girlfriends affection in a very continental way; they began to use their tongues as they had seen the French do.

This led to the term “French kissing” because this is where they learned to kiss in that way.

What Makes a Good French Kiss?

As with everything in life, a little bit of preparation can be the difference between success and total humiliation; French kissing is no different!

A French kiss is defined by the dictionary as “a kiss with contact between tongues”, but there is, of course, so much more to it than that. A good French kiss is sensual, feels effortless, and results in a little arousal within both people.

So, it should come as no surprise to you when we say that hygiene is key in a successful French kiss. If you want to give yourself the best chance of success you should prepare your lips
and mouth;

1. Make sure your lips are soft; stay hydrated and use some chapstick. In an emergency lick your lips and rub them together to make sure they aren’t rough.

2. Keep your breath fresh; if you go out for dinner be sure to brush your teeth before diving in, or at least keep some mints in your pocket!

3. Freshen up; if you can grab a moment before you get closer, hop to the bathroom. Wash your hands and face and spray some deodorant or aftershave (not too much!). A good trick is to
keep a travel-sized stick deodorant or bottle of aftershave in your jacket pocket.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be kissing ready!

How to French Kiss a Girl

So, how do you French kiss a girl in a way that will entrance and delight her?

Well, the complex answer is that when it comes to the question of how to kiss with tongue there’s no one right method… the simple answer is to take it slow! Once you are ready to go in for that kiss take it easy; don’t jump straight into Frenching as this can be quite overwhelming for many people.

Instead, try this;

1. Make eye contact; this will give you a chance to read the situation. If she holds your gaze and leans in or blushes that’s a good sign. If she quickly looks away or avoids meeting your eye it may be time to back off; either she’s very shy or isn’t into it.

2. Start with a lip-lock; keep your tongue to yourself at first, and simply catch one of her lips between yours.

3. Wait for a response; if she mimics your action start moving onwards. If she does something new follow her lead; she could be subtly showing you what she wants.

4. Tease; introduce tongues slowly. Lick her lips and pull back, don’t simply rush in; there’s nothing worse than an unexpected tongue invasion.

5. Listen and respond; a good kiss is a conversation, so be present, be in the moment, and respond to your partner’s actions. Don’t simply push on with what you think should be done;
let her lead as often as you do, and you’ll find yourself off to a great start.

So, now you’re ready to get out there and kiss the girl that’s been on your mind with confidence and flair! Send sparks flying tonight!

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