How to Flirt on an Airplane – Get it Right Instantly

man flirting with woman on a plane

We have all been in that situation where you are traveling by air and notice who is sharing the same flight as you. There is something magical about soaring through the skies at 35,000 feet and 500mph. There is a sexual aspect to it and it somehow puts everything on the planet below us into perspective. We seem to lose connection with what is considered right or wrong and that means that being on a plane with people you find attractive is full of excitement and possibilities. Whether you are making a short-haul journey with 200 people or a long-haul trip with 400 or more people, there is a chance that you have already spotted that hot girl on the plane. If so, then now is the time to get to know her and make the most of the time that you have with her. This means making a good impression and flirting until the wheels touch down in your destination.

It All Begins in the Boarding Area

The airport has a habit of forcing us into a position where we check out the other passengers to find out who is attractive and who we hope is sharing the same flight. If you are lucky enough to find someone who sets your pulse racing and they will be sitting on the same plane as you then you need to begin flirting. This begins in the boarding area.

Outside of the airport, there might be certain rules about flirting but here, the rules are different. So, once you head into the boarding area, you need to think tactically and then position yourself within reach of them but not right next to them. You want them to be able to see you because this is where the flirting begins with eyes. You should aim to make eye contact with them several times, ensuring that they know that you are looking at them. At this point, you have started things moving in the right direction.

Look Sophisticated with Reading Material

You could opt for a really interesting novel or even a high-class magazine but whatever you choose, it has to be interesting. If you want to make a successful attempt at flirting on a plane then you need to set the foundations and that begins with a genuine reason to strike up a conversation. The book or magazine that you have chosen could turn out to be a great ice-breaker once you get close enough to them to begin chatting to them.

When You Get Called to Bored Start Talking

If your aim is to have sex on the plane then you need to start making the right moves and show them that you are interested. There is no secret to doing this because it takes some old-fashioned conversation. If you can get in line with them then you will have plenty of time to say hello and ask a few questions. Of course, this is not where you ask if they are single but you instead begin the process of building a friendly relationship with them. Ask them if they have read your book, ask them what their plans are once they get to their destination and more importantly, don’t forget to introduce yourself. If you have plans to see them again then you need to show them the right signs while also picking up on the signs and signals that they give you. If the conversation flows easily then you are really in a good position to begin making the right moves once you get on the plane.

Time is of the Essence

One of the great things about learning how to flirt on a plane is remembering that you have a serious time constraint. You might be taking a short flight of an hour or a longer flight of several hours, so remember that you have to make the right moves in that time frame or risk losing that person forever. If you are sat next to each other then fate really has worked its magic although that is highly unlikely. If they are sat in front of you then you could be within reach of playing footsie on a plane. However, you need to find out where they are sitting as soon as you are able to take your belt off because the clock is ticking. Take a wander around the plane and get their row number. Then you can begin to make the right decisions. You can order a drink to her via the stewardesses or you could ask if you could be moved next to them and even make a cheeky claim that you are traveling together to make your request sound legitimate. Whatever it might be, make sure you don’t run out of time because you really will regret the missed opportunity.

Use the in-flight chat system

Amazingly, some airlines offer an in-flight chat system. This is a great perk if you know where they are sitting as you can send a message directly to them via the system. You can ask them questions, send them some cheeky emojis and continue to try to beat the clock by wasting no time and telling them that you find them extremely attractive, after all, what have you got to lose? Who knows, you could even arrange to head to the toilet at the same time where you can earn your mile high badge!

It is Easier Than You Think

The trick to meeting someone and flirting with them on a plane is all about setting the wheels in motion as soon as possible. The whole process begins in the boarding lounge and then you can take it to the next level once you leave terra firma head for the skies. It is all about making the right decisions and not being afraid to fail because if you pick up on all the right signals then you are sure to get flirting on a plane right every single time.

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