7 Ways You Can Be the Greatest Flirt Without Trying

couple drinks in the bar

Subtlety is the key to flirting. There is nothing attractive about someone throwing themselves at you, or hanging off your arm whilst smelling your ‘amazing cologne.’

The key to flirting successfully is doing it in a way that flatters but doesn’t scare your potential dream date away. It also has to be natural; you need to adjust the following to suit your personality and what makes you comfortable. After all, confidence in yourself is the real attraction.

When you see someone you like. Catch their attention, and hold it for a few seconds before looking away, then look back to see if they have noticed. A few seconds is just enough to let them know you are interested. Any longer, and it becomes uncomfortable.

If you are talking to a guy/girl you like, mimic their body language. It isn’t a mime show, don’t go that far, but copy little signs that they make. If they are leaning towards you, lean towards them. If their legs are crossed at the ankle, cross your legs at the ankle. If they smile, you smile.

Show off your neck. There is something very sexy about a bare neck, so wear your hair up, or away from your neck. Accessorize with a plain necklace maybe, but leave most of it bare.

Laugh at their jokes. There is nothing more attractive than when someone finds you funny. Don’t laugh every time your date speaks whether it’s funny or not. Instead, make sure it is genuine, you can spot a fake laugh from a mile off. If you don’t find the jokes funny, be polite and smile.

Compliments never fail as long as they are in moderation. Complimenting some on their clothes (suits you, where did you get it?), perfume or aftershave (Mmm you smell good what is it?), is not only a conversation starter or filler, but it makes them feel good. It also tells them you are focused on them. They have your attention.

Your body language is key. They are watching how you respond to them, just as you are watching them. Keep eye contact when they are talking, there is no-one else in the room but you and them. Nod to let them know you are interested and paying attention. Tilt your head to the side, this is a prime move that suggests you are focused, but still flirting. Also, the odd touching tells them you are interested. Casually brush their shoulder, or their arm. Subtle moves that bring them closer without making it obvious.

Last words. Always let your date, or potential date know you enjoyed talking to them. There is nothing worse than trying to guess what the other person thinks. You don’t need to spill your undying love, but end the conversation by telling them you enjoyed your conversation and would like to do it again sometime. If you were on a date, send a goodnight text with to the same effect. Tell them you had a good night and would like to do it again. The ball is then in their court.