Surprising Ways Men and Women Flirt

couple drinks wine

We all know the surefire signs of flirting – twirling her hair while listening to you or a cheesy pick-up line. However, these aren’t the only way people flirt! Oh no! In fact, there are several different ways that people flirt. If you are the type of person that cannot recognize flirtatious cues, here are some dead giveaways that you’re being hit on.

She Is Flirting When:

  1. She touches you. Women are very deliberate when it comes to showing affection so if she touches you (whether you are a stranger or not), she is flirting with you and you should definitely read into it.
  2. She smiles when she looks at you. Smiling is a good sign that she has some interest in you. But when she sneaks several glances at you and smiles? Oh yeah. She is totally checking you out.
  3. She laughs at your jokes – no matter how funny they may not be. Women understand that men like to feel like they are being entertained. While some women will offer a polite chuckle or a forced laugh, a woman who is interested in you will genuinely laugh at your jokes.
  4. She starts an engaging conversation with you. Women who are interested in someone will do what they can to learn more about you – meaning they will ask you engaging questions that require thought and more than a sentence for a response.
  5. She prefers talking face-to-face rather than texting. With technology being such a big part of our daily lives, it isn’t uncommon that entire conversations are carried out without even talking to one another. So when she suggests that you meet up, that is a direct flirt!

He Is Flirting When:

  1. He gives you a compliment. Guys know that the easiest way to get on a woman’s good side is to give her a genuine compliment.
  2. He teases you. Yes, we are aware that this is something little boys tend to do when they like a girl in the class, but it doesn’t go away when they grow up. You may think that he is being rude, but the truth is he is trying to get some kind of reaction from you. Unfortunately, he thinks any kind of reaction is a good sign.
  3. He asks you questions about yourself. Guys who are interested in a woman will want to learn more about her, and what is a better way to learn more about her than to ask her questions?
  4. He doesn’t hesitate to communicate with you. Whether it is through social media, texting, instant messages or smoke signals, if he is reaching out to you and he does it often, then he is definitely flirting. He is letting you know that you’re on his mind and wants to give you the attention you deserve.
  5. Pictorial representation of what he feels (using emojis). You might think there isn’t any significance of that winking emoji or the kissy face one, but the truth is if he is using them in a text message to you, then he’s showing his affection. While it may not be verbal or spelled out, the subtext is clear.