Why Men Prefer Women Who’s More Feminine


In a new age of female empowerment and women’s movement, there can be this new pressure of throwing away the girly and feminine approach to dating and going in with a stronger outlook.
However, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? If you can master the art of knowing exactly what you want, when you want it and how, whilst still using your feminine and softer features then you are set for life. To do this you just need to stay true to what you are looking for in a relationship and what you will not stand for. Once you have that figured out you can approach the dating world in whatever way you see fit. Read on for some tips on what makes a woman appear more feminine and things to avoid.

What makes a woman attractive?

Whilst confidence and assertion can be attractive to men, sometimes it’s worth playing these things down and focusing on the feminine features that can steal a man’s heart. Attractive women tend to know what they want but they also know when to tap into that girly side and to really utilise their softer features like the eyes, cheeks, jaw and hips. Other ways women can be attractive is through their signature scent or outfits. If you turn up somewhere well-groomed and wearing some perfume that really suits you, can put you in good stead. Not only this, when you know you smell nice and you are wearing some clean and fashionable clothes, then your boost in positivity will also rub off. So go for that wardrobe make-over you have been pining for and give your style a revamp so that you can give it your best shot in the dating world. You can also click here for other examples of femininity and their effect. Now it’s time to find out what makes a man attracted to a woman physically.

What Physically attracts men?

What do guys look for in a woman’s appearance? Good question. Now the base level of attraction is based on who appears most fertile and as a result, men quickly asses their attraction to someone within seconds of meeting them. Some ways to show a more feminine side and boost your chances of a man being attracted to you are as follows.

Show off you’re your waist. If you are blessed with an hourglass figure then definitely do not hide it. However, if you aren’t so blessed in that area then wear clothes that can create this illusion. Showing off your hips can be strong signs of fertility and this is the base desire in any sort of attraction.

Use make-up to your advantage. Not all of us have a small jaw bone or overly defined features, and this is where make-up comes in handy. Go onto to YouTube and peruse the makeup tutorials on there until you find one that suits your face shape. Then all you need to do is practise until you become comfortable with it!

On that same note, try and steer clear of bright colours on your face. A bright red lipstick or a bold eyeshadow look can come off a little strong for men and as a result, this may impact how attracted they are to you. Keep the colours as muted as you can for the first few dates at least, after that a clear line of attraction has been established and you can go to experimenting with make-up.

Avoid swearing if you can. Men really do not respond well to women who have a bit of a ‘potty mouth’. So steer clear of swearing at all costs so that you can keep up the image of femininity. It’s also good practice not to swear as it can really boost the mode and create a more positive outlook on things in your life.

Keep your voice soft. A harsh and sometimes ‘gruff’ voice can be off-putting to a man when he is trying to the alpha male in a situation. So highlighting the softer tones in your voice and avoiding any shouting or grunts can better your chances of him being attracted to you.

Avoid ‘manly’ talk. This can be anything from ‘dude’, ‘man’, ‘bro’ or most importantly ‘mate’. Most men absolutely hate being called ‘mate’ as it makes them feel as if they are being friend zoned. So if that isn’t the desired effect then steer clear of using any of those terms.

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What features make a woman beautiful


All men and women are beautiful in their own right and no one should be made to feel otherwise. However, you can also enhance this beauty and do things to show certain elements off to your crush, partner or romantic interest. As mentioned earlier, this can be done through makeup and clothes but perfecting this can really take some time. So for quick fixes try drawing on a more apparent feminine quality, your breasts. Wearing a push-up bra or a lower cut top can really show off what you have and remind the person you are trying to attract that you are also a sexual being. The perk of this is that you can decide how much you show and in what way, meaning that you can put yourself out there whilst still remaining comfortable and happy.