How to Kiss Like a Pro

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How to get a kiss on the first date

For many singles that have just started dating, the question of how to get a kiss on the first date can be one of your main concerns. The anticipation builds, you are both laughing and joking, you have had a lovely evening and perhaps even a drink or two. When the time comes to part and go your separate ways you are probably thinking ‘is this the moment?’. Before you lean in for that first kiss make sure you are giving off the right signals and reading the body language and if you lock eyes and maintain eye contact you can be pretty sure that there is going to be a kiss. Just relax, enjoy and go with the moment.

How to get a guy to kiss you on the first date

Ladies listen up! Men aren’t always the best at reading the signs or making the first move and when you are stood there waiting for that kiss you may be wondering what is taking him so long. In your head, you are thinking ‘kiss me already’.

Well, it may be time for you to take the initiative and get the ball rolling. First of all, make sure you haven’t eaten anything too smelly and that your breath is nice and fresh, have a squirt of perfume and get ready. Get a little closer, reach out and touch his arm, lock eyes and then just stay quiet. If he is waiting for the kiss too then this is his cue to lean in and kiss you too. If he really still isn’t getting it you may just have to go for it but be sure not to do it too quickly or you could end up bumping heads.

How to get a girl to kiss you

You probably want to know how to get a girl to kiss you and like you and while it’s not always easy, there are some things you can do to help it along. Usually, anticipation proceeds a kiss and letting the anticipation build is part of the excitement. Choosing your moment is always good and if you can pick a location this will also help to set the mood. Make sure you are well groomed, teeth brushed and if you go out for a meal make sure you order something without the garlic. Keep an eye on the body language and pick a moment that seems right before you gently lean in for a kiss. Like you, she is probably waiting for the moment too so be sure to read the signs.

How to use tongue when kissing

Ever had one of those kisses when the tongue stabs its way into your mouth and feels altogether wrong or are you worried about what to do with your tongue? If you want to learn to French kiss like a pro then you are going to need to follow some tips:

• Make a slow circling motion with your tongue as you move it around his or her tongue
• Press your tongue against theirs gently. Don’t be tempted just to extend your tongue into their mouth – that may just freak them out
• Use your tongue to gently lick and caress their lips. Teasing and probing are likely to drive the other one wild though so be warned.

You may be one to linger for a long time and enjoy the moment but if you want to pull away from the kiss then do it gently. Don’t just suddenly pull back. The other person may feel that they have done something wrong. These romantic moments should be slow and sensual.

What do guys like in a kiss?

Some guys like a slow, sensual and lingering kiss that is just enough to give them a taster or what is to come. Use your tongue but use it sensually – no sharp jerking movements or tongue thrusting. Also, don’t go at it furiously unless you are in a passionate clinch and neither of you can wait. Just tease his lips with yours and tease his tongue with yours. Give him a sense of what else you have in store for him. Don’t start trying any new or strange techniques just yet. You may put them off.

Where do guys like to be kissed?

Just like ladies, men like to be kissed in different places too, some more intimate than others which should probably be reserved for a later time! If this is the first kiss then go for the cheek or the lips preferably. If you are moving on past the first kiss then some guys love to be kissed on the neck. Do it sensually though to start with. You don’t want to be the girl that leaves a hickey on your first date. Kissing on the neck, on the shoulders, on the back of the neck or on the chest are all sensitive spots. If he lets out an appreciative noise then you will know he likes it however if he pulls away then it’s a sign that perhaps he’s not so keen on having his ears nibbled. You need to judge the reactions you get when you do these things.


Preparing for not only how to get a kiss on the first date but also how to kiss like a pro, will help with the nerves of the first date situation and make sure that you are ready for that toe-curling moment when it arrives. You can enjoy the anticipation of the moment rather than worrying about it throughout the whole of your date. When the time is right, remember everything you have read, make sure you haven’t eaten anything offensive and that you smell nice and your breath is fresh. Be calm and relaxed and make sure you maintain eye contact. Then just enjoy the moment!