How to Flirt Online: Ten Obvious Signs of Flirting

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Alright, so you’ve successfully joined the online dating site and even found some nice people to chat with. But there’s still a very important question left to answer: how can you figure out whether this beautiful lady or that handsome gentleman is eager to meet and date you in real life? How do you notice signs a girl is flirting or those a guy is using?

Here’s where some tips about dating and flirting online come in handy. We’ve prepared a set of advice for you, which will help you not miss either sign of flirting or the moment to take your communication to the next level.

Openness. People on online dating sites usually talk and chat a lot only with those people they find nice. So if you’ve managed to start a dynamic conversation with someone who’s not too shy to share some fun stories or personal information with you, it’s a great sign. Use this advantage that you were granted to get even closer to this person and score more flirting signs when flirting online. You can also ask for a date night whenever you feel comfortable.

Showing the best sides. Whenever a person you’re communicating online with is a little boastful, make sure you’re taking the right path. Offer a few compliments to show that you're impressed with your match's attractive features, and don't forget to say a little about your talents or life successes. It’s the winner who takes it all. After, you can invite or take an offer for a date night to have fun. The online dating service should offer advanced features and template messages to help you connect with singles.

Smileys. They are the perfect tools to express your mood online while using the date sites. Smileys are also indicators of what’s on your match’s mind. You’re doing well when there are more ‘:-)’s and ‘xD’s in your communication history. These are great signs a girl is flirting with you and can apply to guys flirting with girls. But when there are too many ‘:-(‘s, or where no smileys appear at all, then it’s time to tell a joke or write something cute.

Speed of response. If your match has become interested in your conversation on the online date site, your messages' answers won’t take long to arrive. That means that you’ve completely caught that person’s attention, so maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. If the match responds irregularly, that’s a bad sign, but this can be easily fixed: take the initiative and find the subject that hooks up his or her attention. Aim the profile info about hobbies and interests to hit the bull’s-eye!

Profile views and visits. Great news: your match on the online dating site has just checked your profile and wants to date you!That means that you seem interesting enough to be known better, so this can be considered one of the signs a woman is flirting with you online or the signs a guy is flirting with you: it works for both sexes. The point is that you shouldn’t be too lazy or mysterious – add some extra info to your date profile now. It can be what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, as long as it can help your potential match to increase their attraction towards you. Ask your match for a date and enjoy your evening!

Single status. If the person is flirting with you online, it will somehow show you that you’re the only match he or she is interested in right now and want to date. When someone tells you about their single status,, the person wants to make it clear to you that you might be a potential candidate for a fun date. Depending on taste, your potential partner can also become open enough to show you some lesbian flirting signs or flirting signs men usually share online.

Weekend plans. When the conversation moves to plans for the coming weekend and date ideas, you can tell how someone feels about you by their response. If they like you, they may be ‘free’; if not, they will always be ‘kinda busy’ during the weekend, avoiding the date. If it’s the first one, you can impress your match with some kind of exotic activity he or she has never tried before. Do not waste your chances and get some more signs of flirting when using online date services.

Compliments. It doesn’t take much to exchange a few sweet lines with someone online, but a little goes a long way to instilling some pleasant emotions inside. Never forget to deliver a nice line back whenever you get one from your match showing your interest in potential date nights. That’s what Flirt is all about. Ask your match on a date in a polite form. You can send a flirty text message online and ask her or him out.

Online Questions. If the person is interested in you, expect to deal with plenty of questions and date proposals at the end. Coping with someone’s natural curiosity requires following just a few simple but very important rules: always answer the online questions honestly, and don’t lie, even when it seems an insignificant query. It’s better to laugh off an unwanted question than being caught out for lying later one.

Quitting the conversation. If your flirting online has been successful, it’s difficult to leave a really enjoyable chat. So whenever it takes a long time to say goodbye, you can be sure that you’ve got your match hooked and can enjoy your date nights online and offline now.

So if you’re not sure if your contact on the site is flirting with, you should use these 10 simple tips and find yourself a simple answer!