The Best Flirting Lines You Can Never Have in Store

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Flirting lines for guys: things to remember

The first thing you should learn about flirting lines is that they are not equal to pick-up lines, tons of which you must have come across in blogs or at pickup artists’ forums. There are awkward pick-up lines and cheesy pick-up lines, even math pick-up lines for geeks and nerds. There are actually thousands upon thousands of them.

But the point here is that flirting lines move beyond the first phrases used to establish initial contact. They can be compliments you pay in a conversation with your colleague whenever it goes further than a chat during the coffee break. Or there are phrases you have to say on the spur of the moment. That’s why you won’t find ready-made flirting templates for every occasion.

Another important point is that written lines actually differ from those you exchange on a date – for clear reasons. Check out some phrases you have exchanged either in social networks or via some messenger. Now try to repeat them silently, and then say them aloud. They will seem kinda weird to you, if not stupid. Oh, they don’t? Use the big guns then: make a dictaphone recording and listen to yourself saying them!

It’s not that girls are too demanding when it comes to flirting: no girl waits for an awesome one-liner from you that would honour her favourite romantic movie. But it is no good either when a girl subconsciously awaits pick-up lines like, “Is your name Gillette? Because you’re the best a man can get”, and is ready to shudder internally with the thought: “Ah, another one who thinks he is original. Thank you, proceed.”

Let’s face it; there are certain girls who like clichéd phrases taken from the Internet. But what if you fall for a girl who doesn’t?

Flirting lines for girls: do they need them much?

It may seem at first sight that flirting comes easier to women than men. They say all women are flirts by nature, and it’s in their blood to use flirting skills whenever they talk to men. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why most men like it when a girl makes the first step and starts flirting. In most cases, they think that if a girl has taken the initiative, there is nothing to worry about; they are smart and tall in the saddle.

However, women can break the ice and not know what to say next. Sometimes women can be at a loss too if a man reacts to their flirting in a way they didn’t expect him to. And there are shy women too who hate awkward moments of silence, when a man expects them to take the initiative.

There are many men who are pleasantly surprised when a woman takes the initiative – a good point for girls to take on board. Remember, you don’t have to invent any sure-fire strategies. Be confident and behave in a matter-of-course manner wherever your flirting takes you.

After all, if men think women are flirty by nature – why not live up to their expectations? Don’t forget to smile, for that is the secret and deadliest weapon in every woman’s armoury. But beware, smiling can be the key, but sometimes there’s no need to force an open door with it. If you smile and men find you nice from the very start – don’t turn into a silly blinking chatterbox.

Neither should you be too clingy or dominant. In the latter case, men can take you for another strong and independent woman who knows what she wants. Such an attitude can discourage most men, who flirt without any serious intentions.

Funny flirting lines: a slippery path to take

Okay, let’s make this clear: there isn’t anything wrong with having fun while flirting. But there is when you try to make fun of it.

You should always be careful with jokes, joking, and sense of humour in general. Avoid any ambiguous jokes in your flirting lines when talking to people you don’t know well enough. People might not know the essence of your best catchphrases your friends always laugh at. Even if you flirt with someone you feel you have known for ages, there is a chance that the words that come out of your mouth will be misunderstood.

Another very important note, never try to seem funnier than you are. Yes, there are people who are always funny in every situation, being either awkward or just cute by nature, but if you are a serious person, please don’t think that a few funny lines can save the day when you flirt with somebody. Never think you can be funny in the eyes of a girl or a guy until you get to know them well enough.

If you come around to the idea that a few funny lines will be OK, there is a narrow scope for what you might joke about. Just don’t pretend to be a stand-up comedian (unless your evening show regularly gathers an appreciative audience of at least 20 people).