Make the Most of These Top Dirty Talk Tips


In most situations in life, offensive or aggressive-type talk would be considered something that you simply do not do. While this is true for almost every situation in life, it is not true when it comes to having sex. Talking dirty is one way of increasing excitement levels while also explaining to your partner what you want to do or what you are doing. This is an arousing kind of sexy talk and something that will take your love life to a whole new level.

Sexy talk can take many forms but the majority of people believe that this kind of dialogue is nothing other than messy and dirty. It is a great way of expressing what you want and what you are going to do but it can also help couples to try out new things. It is proven that those who do not communicate their thoughts or actions during sex actually get less enjoyment from sex. So, finding out how to talk dirty in bed is one way to ensure you both get the most from this intimate experience.

Dirty talk can make sex better

There is no doubt that good sex becomes great sex when you get dirty sex talk involved. When you talk to your partner like a wild lover with no boundaries, you can be sure that they will go crazy for you. They will encourage you to go further, harder or for longer and so, it takes it to a level where you both cannot wait to do it again.

How you carry out dirty talking is down to you as a person or how you interact as a couple. You might choose to talk dirty sexually in their ear by whispering to them or you might want to overload their sense by doing out loud. However, when you sex talk during kissing and caressing, it will cause you both to engage and explore your needs and desires in ways you have never seen before.

Dirty talk is a great way of making them think about you

One other benefit that comes from hot dirty talk is that your partner will continue to think about you. Of course, you want your partner to think about you in an affectionate way but you also want them to be sort of obsessed about what is going to happen when you have sex next. Therefore, chatting dirty is one of ensuring that they always have you on their mind.

There is nothing worse than having a great sex experience with our partner only for them to forget about all that happened once they leave for the office the next day. If you choose to make the experience more vivid and use every single one of their senses, then you can be sure that being a dirty talker will drive them wild. Along with this, you can also keep their sexual urges and desires alive, no matter where they are just by sending them flirty messages or leaving voicemails. This will leave them fantasizing about you all day long but one thing is for sure, once you get back together, you will both look forward to that hot dirty talk and your next sexual experience together.

Tell them what you want before sex and what you like during sexuality

There are no rules that state how to talk dirty to her or what to say during sex with your man but one rule to follow is to tell them what you want before sex and then while it is happening. In fact, go one step further and describe to them what you actually like about what they are doing.

This is something that is particularly true when talking dirty to your girlfriend as they are aroused through the imagination. Dirty talk while having sex is something that can really get women in the mood and it is a great way to get things going. It is well known that women take longer to get aroused than men which is even more of a reason to learn those dirty talking lines and hot things to say during sex. This is all down to the way in which men and women are wired in the brain. The idea is that men grab her attention and then slowly begin to replace the thoughts that she has in her mind with a signal that is stronger and more arousing. Once men achieve this, then she will be more open and receptive to intimacy. This is something that is often seen in couples where the female has a high sex drive, however, she only really gets going when she is in the mood and this is where sex talk or dirty talk can really put her in the right frame of mind.

Understanding how to talk dirty sexually is something that can really separate great lovers from average lovers. Talking dirty is one way of putting your partner in the mood by preparing them for what is about to happen. This will put them in that zone that makes them want it without the other person having to get physical or even touch them. That is the power of dirty talk.

Choosing what you say will effectively be based on what your desires are at that very moment in time. It could be something that is turning you on or something that is sure to turn you on. If you make a simple comment that contains the right buzz words then that is sure to push them over the edge and make them want you more.

Letting them know what you enjoyed last time you had sex and what you enjoyed doing with them is one way of ensuring everyone drops their barriers and opens the floodgates to a more vocal sex session. It is always important to remember that during the whole experience, you should give them feedback about what is getting you going. This is a great way of encouraging them to do it more but it also enhances the experience across a number of senses.

So how do you talk dirty?

It starts slow

One of the top dirty talk tips is to begin slow. If you have never talked dirty before or if it has been a while since you both did it then you need to take it slow. There is no point in freaking each other out because that will put an end to the whole experience. You can tease, drop some subtle hints in there and use some softer phrases before going all out. Something as simple as “I find you so sexy” is enough to get things going in the right direction.

Ease the pressure

If your partner is not quite used to receiving hot dirty talk in the form of a text message then you should start the dirty conversations in the bedroom. If you start sending text messages all of a sudden then they might find that odd or off-putting. If they respond positively in the bedroom then you could start off with one text message the next day or say something dirty while you are sharing a coffee. As they become more familiar with this, it can become a habit to the point where you are flirting with them all day, every day.

Understand their preferences

Everyone is different and everyone has different desires and levels of arousal based on what they see and hear. So, when you talk dirty, you should consider their preferences. They might be the type where a more subtle approach works best while there are those who love nothing more than raunchy, explicit talk that really makes them want it. You need to tailor the dirty sex talk to their particular desires, so make sure you choose your words right and play to their needs and desires.

Be true to yourself

One of the most important aspects of understanding how to do dirty talk right is to make sure that you are true to yourself. Don’t go saying things that you would never normally say and don’t say things that you would never do or want doing to you. Remember, when you are talking dirty during sex, you are having fun and that feeling of excitement should never disappear. You should be natural in the way that you express what you want or what you are going to do and that means that you should not feel uncomfortable with what you are saying.

If you go with what feels natural, it will enable you both to enjoy the experience. You could also build up your level of confidence over time by beginning with something timid and then increasing the dirty talk over time. What you will eventually find is that what you felt comfortable with one day becomes rather lame and boring on another day and this is where you can progress your level of dirty talk.

Take it easy

This ties in with the previous point of being true to yourself. If you try to force the dirt talk then you will never get your partner going because the aim is to increase their desire and level of need over time. Even if you make a mistake with something you say and laugh at it, it is still better than using a forced phrase that is rather cliché. A dirty conversation and hot sex talk is all about getting it right, so don’t force it before you are ready. Getting it right is also a case of trial and error and learning about what works and what doesn’t.

Dirty talk is not aggressive talk

Dirty talk is not about being aggressive in the word or the way that you deliver a dirty phrase. There is a serious misconception among women that they have to something other than feminine or that they have to be aggressive in order to turn their man on but this is not true. A man will respond in a positive way to something that feels real and authentic, especially those shy dirty phrases. This is not to say that men that all men prefer this approach because it is not true but just remember that you do not have to really forward or aggressive to get yourself heard. A faint whisper of innocent talk in his ear can really get him going and more often than not, it is enough for him to understand exactly where he stands.

Compliment them

When talking dirty, a compliment can really go along way. You can compliment them on a certain part of their body or tell them how hot they look or even how they make you feel.
Talking dirty during sex is not just about turning each other on, it is also about communicating your needs and your feelings.

Use commands

This is not a given when it comes to hot dirty talk with your partner because not every couple wants or needs commands in their sex life. However, if they enjoy a bit of power play then you can use commands while still staying true to yourself and the things you do in bed.

There are no Rules to Dirty Talk

Many couples, even those who are experienced in intimacy actually wonder “what is dirty talk?” but in reality, it can come in many different forms. There are no rules on how to talk dirty as that comes down to the specific couple, each individual as well as their needs and desires. However, talking dirty is something that can really add an extra level of arousal and attraction to your intimacy and your sex life and that is what makes it so unique. Getting it right is all about your personal preferences but when you do introduce it to the bedroom, you won’t want to leave it.