Flirting: How it Works

man with rose and woman with glass of wine

What is flirting? Before we talk about how it works, let’s define such a model of human behavior. Flirting implies a kind of game between a man and a woman, during which they slightly (or maybe more than slightly…) arouse each other with understated phrases, subtle hints and gestures. Online flirting gives you unlimited possibilities to reveal your good side by flirting and to hone your skills. After you flirt a little on any dating site, you are in a good position to meet offline. But not everyone knows how to flirt in the right way, though most of us are willing to take advantage of feminine coquettishness or manly charm in the right moment. If you know how to flirt, people will respond to you straight away, with undivided attention and interest.


Keep in mind that to flirt means being able to properly combine your internal and external qualities and skills. To know how to flirt does not mean using only flirty smiley faces and cheesy pick-up lines, but it does mean using all of these in addition to your inner self-confidence and irresistibility! You can learn this style of behavior, though it is much better when it doesn’t look too learned, but is instead part of your character. Nothing prevents you from flirting with your crush, even if you have only known each other for a couple of minutes beforehand, especially online. All you need to do is to tune the other person to the right wave with your flirting. However, if you really want to flirt online successfully, here are some pointers to help you.


Step 1: If you decide to start a relationship with someone you met online, then you will need to master some skills for flirting and chatting online to begin with. If you don’t contact people you will never find someone to share your life with. So, the first thing to do is to stop being shy and be sociable.

Step 2: Double your chances by making your dating ad attractive – introduce yourself to stand out from the crowd of other online daters. Fill out your dating profile as thoroughly as you can, trying to be sincere and by making it individual and interesting at the same time. Talk about your best and most appealing facets, but do not be overly boastful. Try to give the most accurate information about yourself, but stay reasonably circumspect.

Step 3: Add a photo. People like to see the person they are talking to, even virtually. So, upload the best photo that shows you as a nice human, open for communication. Show a picture of current yourself; only use your prom shots if it really was in the last year. If you don’t have a nice picture, order a photo shoot or ask a friend to assist you in taking some good shots. Have fun while taking photos, so that they show you happy and smiling. Pictures showing your hobbies, passions, family and pets will be a great choice too. However, don’t turn your dating profile into a gallery of your private life. Be interesting, but keep a little of the mystery.


You can show someone that you are into them and want to develop a relationship in many ways: from sending flirty text messages to telling them compliments to lightly teasing them. Teasing is a great way to let someone know you like them.

1. Once you have spotted someone you like on the site, your primary goal is to assert yourself and kindle the interest of the other person. Send flirty texts or suggest to them that you have a chat. Show them you’re in a flirty mood, but don’t put too much pressure on them. This may look creepy.
View the dating profile of your new friend beforehand to know where to start your conversation, then show them you’re truly interested throughout your chat.

2. Joke with them. Keep your approach casual, and don’t show any fear or nerves. Humor is one of the easiest ways to flirt and laughter will dissipate any tension. So be funny and don’t take online dating and flirting too seriously. Learn about what they are interested in and find some jokes about them to laugh at together. Jokes keep the mood high and flirtatious.

3. Don’t be too pushy. This involves two aspects: being too persistent and demanding, and getting sick for love too early. Show you care about them, but don’t expect a lot in return. Be flirtatious and ever ready to reply, but don’t make them think you’re desperate or easy. If you show you’re creeping upon somebody, the flirting comes off as fake.

Therefore, flirt slowly, enjoy the process and strive for great results!