Flirting Mistakes and Tips for Meeting Girls in a Bar

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You’ve been chatting online or you have spotted her across the bar. You have made your move and are and getting to know each other or preparing for that first date. You now need to make sure that the conversation flows and that there are no awkward moments or first date mistakes. Flirting is sometimes something that comes naturally but to save you worrying and make sure that you are prepared, we have some tips to help you:

Pick a sensible venue

First of all, let’s get the venue right. Don’t book the swishest, most expensive restaurant; there is too much to think about when it comes to eating. Pick a bar with a good reputation but not one that blasts out loud music so that you can’t hear yourself talk. If you are already in a bar make sure that she is going to be able to hear you. Meeting girls in bars is great but you need to be able to hear each other speak. If it is going well then you could either move on to a quieter bar or find a corner and really get to know each other. If you are feeling like a first kiss is imminent you don’t want to be sat a bar in full view of everyone. You can’t use your best first date flirt skills if you are being distracted so keep it simple.

Consider your body language

So much can be said with your body language on a first date. While we aren’t suggesting that you should hug like you’ve been friends for years, you do need to show some warmth. Don’t smother her with affection from the get go. As you progress through the date remember to smile, laugh at their jokes (not hysterically however) and look interested. If the date is going well and you seem to be getting on well, you might progress to a light touch on the arm or moving in a little bit closer so that your legs are touching. Don’t go for an all-out snog at this stage though. Keep it light and warm.

Tips to remember on that first date or meeting

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There are a few things to consider on that first encounter. As well as the obvious like the venue and your general demeanour here are the absolute dos and don’ts that you need to bear in mind that will help you to enhance your flirt skills and make sure that they are well received:

Don’t eat garlic

Make sure you give the garlic a swerve. Bar snacks and light bites should be avoided or at least chosen wisely. If you do end up on a dinner date avoid anything with garlic in. You don’t want to kill the moment with garlic breath as you laugh heartily at their jokes or move in a bit closer for a kiss.

Don’t smoke during your date

If your date is a non-smoker, you don’t want to be putting out a cigarette before you enter the venue or rushing out of the bar every five minutes. You will smell of cigarettes and this could be a big turn off. You also don’t want to leave her on her own. Try and bin off the smoking at least for one night.

Ask plenty of questions

While we aren’t suggesting that you interrogate your date, you should be asking questions and showing an interest in your date. This includes listening to the answers.

Make well timed flirty comments

You don’t have to make innuendos every five seconds to be a good flirt, in fact, you want to keep it to an acceptable level that is just enough to be playful without embarrassing yourself or looking like you have one thing on your mind.

Don’t flirt with the staff or other women

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While this article is giving you advice about flirting, make sure you restrict it to your date. Don’t be flirting with an acquaintance you happen to bump into of the waiting or bar staff. That gives off the impression that you are a bit of an all-round flirt. You want to save all your flirt skills for your date.

Advice from a bartender on what not to do

The bartender is the person that sees it all. As you get increasingly more intoxicated with a drink after drink, they see it all through sober eyes. These tips are straight from the mouths of bartenders that have seen it all:

• Don’t take different dates to the same bar
• Ask questions but don’t grill your date – it’s not a job interview
• Don’t spill your entire dating history and dating disasters on a first date
• Keep the conversation low key. Starting a row or getting animated in a crowded place is not good
• Quit bragging about yourself – it’s just cringe and it’s not flirting!
• Try not to make assumptions about what they want to eat or drink
• Steer clear of ordering something to impress your date. If you are not a connoisseur of fine wine or the latest gins then don’t profess to be
• Avoid touching the garnish on your drink! Yes mint, chilli and other garnishes like salt or lemon are not good when you wipe your eye!

Just relax and be yourself

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While all of these bits of advice are helpful, there is rather a lot to consider. You want to make sure that you leave the right impression on your date but you also want them to see the real you. If you are trying to be someone you are not it can be a tough act to keep up. Be yourself but be the best version of yourself. Don’t try and be something you’re not.

Flirting on a first date comes naturally to some but for others who may be nervous and clam up, it is a good idea just to have a checklist of things to remember. Not folding your arms, smiling, asking questions, being warm and friendly are just a few things that you can do to ensure that your date warms to you and that there is a chance at a second date.

Meet girls online first, then ask them on a date!