5 Best Tips for Kissing Someone with Braces


Has your love interest recently had braces fixed to their teeth? Then you may be wondering if it’s still OK to kiss her. The answer is most definitely yes! Although kissing someone with braces can be daunting the first time you try, it’s perfectly safe, and won’t make smooching her any less enjoyable! Here’s how to kiss a person with braces…

Wait at least 10 days before kissing with braces

If your girlfriend has just got braces, her mouth will probably feel very sensitive and sore. This means that kissing could be uncomfortable or even painful for her. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for a month before you begin experimenting. This will give her mouth time to heal.

Take it slow when kissing with braces

Fast and passionate isn’t practical when kissing with braces. This is because pressing your lips too hard against hers could leave her with cuts on the inside of her lips. This can be painful and could mean that you must wait even longer to kiss your sweetheart.

Use your tongue carefully


Braces can be sharp, particularly on their sides. This leaves you at risk of cutting your tongue on the metal, which won’t feel nice at all! If you are going to French kiss your love interest whilst she’s wearing braces, use your tongue carefully and don’t rush. Whilst French kissing is undeniably sexy, kissing with closed mouths can be just as enjoyable. She won’t be wearing braces forever, so you won’t have to wait too long for some tongue-kissing action.

Avoid braces getting stuck together

One common question amongst people who wear braces is “can braces get stuck together?”. Whilst this is a natural concern if you’re both wearing braces, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s very unlikely to happen. If you’re still worried, it makes sense to avoid any rapid movements that could cause the braces to lock together.

Don’t make fun of her braces

If you think that making jokes about braces or calling her ‘metal mouth’ will put her at ease, you’re very wrong. She is likely to feel very sensitive about her braces initially and she may feel very self-conscious. It’s your job to build her confidence and make her feel better about herself, not worse. Unless you want her to put a stop to kissing altogether, cut out the jokes.

How to kiss a girl with braces

Kissing can be daunting enough, particularly if you haven’t been with your boyfriend or girlfriend for very long, but braces can make things even more complicated. However, you really don’t need to worry about kissing with braces. As long as you take things slowly and you do your best to keep your tongue away from the metal, you shouldn’t run into any problems. Hopefully, this article has let you how to kiss with braces so that the experience is as fun and pleasurable for you both.