2 Reasons Why Some People Are Better Flirts Than You

happy couple

Ah, flirting… It’s something that we all like to think that we are good at, but in truth, many of us just fall flat on our faces and we fail miserably. You can’t bat your eyes without looking like you’ve got a weird twitch and when you try to hold someone’s gaze, you come off creepy. Flirting is a skill that many of us are not born with, and here is why some people are better at it than you are.

1. They are born with flirting in their genes.
Singles and married folk are more often flirtatious during the love stages, thanks to their come-hither cues which tend to be subconscious and non-verbal.

Biologists say that the ability to flirt and flirt well is actually passed through our DNA and our very existence is proof that our ancestors were top flirts of their day.

2. They aren’t conventionally attractive, but they are intelligent. Hate to say it, but unattractive people tend to be better flirts than the incredibly beautiful. Why? Beautiful people don’t have to work so hard to get someone’s attention or interest—they just show up. However, unattractive people have to rely on their personalities to draw you in.

So how can you make yourself a better flirt, if you aren’t a good flirt, to begin with? Simple.

1. Compliments

Every woman loves to be complimented, as do men. You can rev up your flirting skills by offering someone you’re attracted to a genuine compliment. First, observe them and comment on something they’ve said or something unique to only them.

2. Eye Contact

A provocative glance will get you much more than staring at someone with big goo-goo eyes. A good glance will speak louder than any lame pick up line or blanket compliment. Keep in mind that an overly-intense stare will have the person of your affection running from the hills.

3. Take Note of the Details

You’ll want to take note of everything about her—her outfit, what she drank, what she said, anything.

These details may not be of any use to you at this very moment, but when you recall at a later date in time, it will be rewarding. She’ll be so flattered that you remember every small detail, she’ll feel like she extra special to you.

4. Give Her Space

Maybe you met this woman at a bar and you’ve hit it off; however, when you ask for her phone number, she is a little hesitant. You don’t want to force it out of her because she may get frightened and worry about what kind of guy you are. Instead, just mention that you wouldn’t mind calling her every now and then and let it be her choice if she gives it to you or not.

5. Use Your Intelligence

Smart guys always get the women, and one way to sweep her off her feet (or at least be impressed by you) is to show that there is more to you than your love of football. Show her that you’re cultured by discussing literary greats like Poe or Shelley.