Flirting Quotes You Should Normally Avoid


You can find a lot of lines on the web these days tagged as “flirting quotes”. There are of course lots of useful ones which you can take home to make up your own flirt line book for all of life’s emergencies. There are also less effective flirting lines you will probably disregard and won’t use for flirting in the real world.

There is one more group of flirting quotes. These can be tricky and very dangerous. They are lines which you’d rather use as your catchphrase on a second date. But at the same time, you should avoid using them in offline conversations. Now, let’s see what they are and why normally nobody likes to hear them when flirting.

Flirting quotes that sound creepy.

Well, you probably know what we are driving at here. All those phrases with dubious meaning that are very often mixed with low-brow words… Avoid saying stuff like that, at least when flirting with strangers. There are countless conversation starters and flirting quotes which may seem very cute to you until you use them in a conversation… and they produce a mostly awkward result. Mostly.

It is in fact quite an obvious point which many forget when flirting. Imagine you have just met a seemingly interesting person. You start talking and then hear something like “Hey, by the way, were you forged by Sauron? Cause you look precious”. Making compliments from the very start isn’t a bad idea; it’s half of what flirting is all about. But who on earth told you it should be done in a creepy manner? And forget saying anything cheesy only because you think it makes you look cuter.

Flirting quotes that sound too smart.

These are just another stumbling block, maybe a minor one, but still important. Remember just one simple rule: any mind-bending quote which makes your flirt think about its meaning for more than just a few seconds is useless. It won’t serve the right purpose. People are more likely to give you a puzzled look or polite smile when they hear something they don’t understand, which is not the kind of response you are waiting for when you flirt, is it? And when someone loses concentration in a chat, even for just a moment, it’s enough to ruin the magic of flirting like collapsing a house of cards.

This is why don’t try to pretend a nerd. Believe us, there are lines which look better on paper than out loud. Even if you think that cute jokes you use when flirting are primary school stuff, think twice before you puzzle the person you are talking to. Don’t overdo it by trying to seem smarter than you are. It may sound pretty lame, but just be yourself when you flirt with someone. It’s not that you shouldn’t overcome your shyness, if you are a shy person, of course. But if you act in a certain way and say things only to create a good impression… Well, there’s one clichéd phrase that fits here best: be yourself. No matter what they say, you don’t have to be anybody else to be good at flirting.