6 Ways to Get Your Flirt On

girl winks

If we were all blessed to be incredibly gorgeous, have a killer personality, and some kind of enviable talent, we wouldn’t have a hard time trying to approach someone we find attractive and flirt with them. Sometimes, you don’t need these things in order to flirt. All you need is to have self-confidence and own it. Never apologize for what you say or do, you have to do it with conviction. You’ll be surprised by how receptive some people can be when you flirt with a purpose.

Here are 6 tips of ways that you can flirt, even if you don’t have the self-confidence to back it up 100%.

1. Steal the show.

This tip isn’t for the people who prefer to be on the sidelines. What separates the rest of us from that person who just steals everyone’s attention is that they just don’t give two hoots about what anyone else thinks. With this brazen approach to flirting (or just life in general), you will find that people will find you more interesting and want to get to know you better — stat.

2. Join a group conversation.

When you are at a party or a social gathering where people break off into groups and have their own conversation, this move could be a bit of a challenge. If you don’t insert yourself into the conversation with finesse, people will look at you oddly and you’ll probably feel awkward. So be upfront with your intentions. Say something like, “I’m sorry for eavesdropping, but I couldn’t help but to say that I agree with…” then say what you want to say. When you do this successfully, you’ll want to stick around for at least one drink and be sure to talk to everyone so you don’t appear rude.

3. Be sincere when you give a compliment.

No one likes an insincere compliment, so when you say them, mean it. You also don’t want to throw out compliments left and right because that just seems like you aren’t being genuine. Also, avoid “I like/love” statements. Instead, try mixing it up and saying something like, “You have a stunning smile.”

4. Never flirt with someone who has a partner.

If it is widely known that someone is dating the person you are interested in, don’t flirt with them. Yes, we understand that sometimes it isn’t clear whether two people are dating or not, but if there is any question in your mind it may be best for you to just move along.

5. Get them to make the first move.

Some people may find this manipulative, but it is more strategic than anything. When you approach the person you are interested in head-on, it may be too bold of a move for you. However, you can make yourself noticeable and they will approach you instead. If you’re awkward around people you like, you can make it work for you. Just remember, you have to own it!

6. Do not rely on anything or anyone else to flirt.

This means don’t use liquid courage, don’t use any social media apps, and don’t use your friends to pass on a message that you like someone. You are an adult and you should act like one, and that means taking the bull by the horns and going after what you want.