How to Effectively Impress a Woman in 7 Seconds


The hours leading up to that pivotal first date, it’s not uncommon to be overcome with nerves.

Especially when you realize that you have to make a good first impression, and when you remember that women tend to form that first impression within the first seven seconds of meeting you, you really can feel the pressure. Now, don’t get us wrong, most women don’t even realize that they are doing it, so it isn’t something that they can just stop doing. This seven-second countdown is something that just happens.

Fortunately, we’ve got some rules for creating that first impression that will help you get in good with that woman you want to court — all within seven seconds of meeting her. Don’t believe us? Deviate from these tips and you may find it a bit more difficult getting on her good side going forward.

Relax and remember that it is just a date.

We totally get it, there is a lot of pressure going in on the first date, especially if you really want to impress this woman. However, unless you are a serial dater and line updates like it’s your job, you’ve got nothing to worry about and you should look forward to the experience. Before walking into the venue, take a moment and take a deep breath. You’ll quickly learn that your tone will set the overall feel of the date, so stay positive and don’t forget to smile. When you show up to the date with an obvious air of nervousness or agitation (which could be completely unrelated to the date), she will pick up on it and it will affect how the rest of the date goes.

Remember to be punctual.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be punctual to a first date. You don’t have the ability to come up with cheap excuses as to why you are even five minutes late! Think about it, if you cannot meet on time for the first date, she will probably wonder about how serious you are about the whole date or about her, thus creating a cloud of uncertainty on top of annoyance for making her wait. So this means you better plan ahead to get there a few minutes early just so you can make concessions for late public transportation, traffic, running into an old friend, or who knows what else. If you’re serious about this person, make every effort possible to arrive on time — if not early!

Put your best foot forward.

This should go without saying, but we will say it anyway. Before you go out on your date, one way to make the most of the first impression is by showing up looking your best and smelling great. You should have showered, shaved (or at least trimmed up so your facial hair isn’t too scraggly), carefully picked out an outfit, and remembered to comb your hair. You’ll also want to make sure that remember small things like a dab of cologne or aftershave. Women are particularly drawn by scent, and if you’re smelling good, chances are she will take notice and appreciate you are higher.

Be direct.

Now we aren’t suggesting that as soon as you see her, plant a kiss on her lips and ask if she wants to do the horizontal tango. Oh no, no, no. What we mean is look your date directly in the eye, be sincere in your greeting, and lean in for a kiss on the cheek. When you take the lead role upon meeting, it gives her the impression that you are confident and assertive, which are definite pluses in her book; especially since she will most likely be nervous too and she doesn’t want to have to decide what direction the greeting should go.

Do some research.

We aren’t suggesting you the internet stalk her prior to the date. What we mean about doing some research is that you should look into the place that you are going on a date. Look to see what kind of food is offered at the restaurant, what reviews the wine selection has received, and anything else. If there aren’t any plans made, you should definitely take the initiative and throw out a few suggestions. It is your duty to steer the direction of the date!