How Date a Compulsive Flirt and Stop Their Flirting for Good

mistrustful girl

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for one week, one month, or one year, it is obvious that your partner isn’t able to stop flirting. What you consider inappropriate flirting, your partner may think it is all innocent and there was no harm meant. Flirting is subjective and because both partners don’t view it the same way, it could even lead to divorce.

The way we are raised (social class, parent’s attitudes, regional culture, religion) plays an important role in how we view such matters. It is no wonder that we sometimes have completely different views than that of our partners. It is important to be on the same page.

We’ve come up with a few ways that will help you get your partner’s flirting under control.

1. Talk About It

How will your partner know that their flirting bothers you unless you actually talk about it? They aren’t mind-readers, after all. You might be surprised by the fact that they don’t even realize they are flirting.

For many people, they are flirtatious by nature. When you sit down and talk to them about the flirting, you are letting them know that you are tired of the flirting and if they love you, they will stop or at the very least tone it down by a lot.

2. The Ego Block

If the consistent flirting is getting on your nerves, then send your friend to do deflate their ego. Simply send your friend to go over to your partner mid-flirt and have them casually mention you, their partner.

This will swiftly send the person they were flirting with heading for the hills and the offender’s ego will deflate almost instantly.

3. Become 007

If the consistent flirting from your partner is making you worry about how much sexual innuendo they want to act out, you can do a little spying on them while they think you aren’t around. You can truly see how harmless (or not so harmless) their flirting is. Just keep in mind that if you have to try and catch them doing something nefarious, then perhaps your relationship is already on its last legs.

4. Copy Them

If they are oblivious to how much their flirtatious ways is affecting you, give them a taste of their own medicine. Every time your partner flirts, you do the same. Let’s say they are flirting with the waitress over dinner, when you go somewhere for drinks, flirt with the bartender. Be warned, this tactic could backfire and your partner could end the relationship without even getting the point of why you were flirting in the first place.

5. Encourage Them

Reverse psychology is a hit or miss, but this is where you should support their flirting. Give them some pointers how to improve their game. In an ideal world, when you encourage your partner to continue flirting, they will start to get the impression that you are distancing yourself from them. And because of this, they will reduce how much flirting they are doing toward other people, they will focus back on you.