The Art of Flirting According to Rhian Sugden


You may have heard the story where Rhian Sugden was in the newspapers when it was discovered she had been sending flirty texts and Twitter messages to Radio One’s Vernon Kay. As a result, Kay is in the doghouse with his partner, Tess Daly, even though it was nothing more than “harmless” flirting took place between the two.

So, if there is anything to be learned about flirting and the power it wields, Rhian Sugden is the perfect teacher.

Every Guy Has Potential

If a woman is interested in you, she will take your flirtatious advances the right way, as long as you aren’t being overtly offensive. Every guy has the ability of being a good flirt, as long as you approach it right. Typically, British guys are more creative when it comes to creating a flirtatious text, but when it comes to real-life flirting, men from other nations tend to shine.

Confidence is Important

Unless you are confident, people will see straight through you and your attempt of flirting will fall flat. It’s a fine balance that some men may not know how to tread. Some act too interested, some are too generous with the compliments, and others ask for pictures way too early after meeting someone. Also, it isn’t recommended that you use cheesy pickup lines when you are trying to hit on a woman. If you can start a conversation with her and get her to laugh, then you are well on your way.

Set the Right Tone

Women tend to be more receptive when you tease her rather than offer her some off-hand compliment. By teasing her, you are keeping her on her toes and making her wonder where she stands with you. You don’t want to be predictable because she’ll just assume that you are like the other men she’s met. Think of it as a game of cat and mouse — but don’t let it go on for too long because she will grow tired of it pretty quickly.

Texting vs. Face-to-Face Flirting

If you even have to ask which is more effective, then perhaps you aren’t ready to start playing the flirting game. Face-to-face flirting trumps any other form of flirting because with face-to-face, you can see their reaction. They can see your sincerity. It just gives you both a chance to connect in a way that text messaging cannot. We won’t deny that flirting via text is easier because you have time to plan a response, but it just pales in comparison to the real thing.

Sealing the Deal

The whole point of flirting with a woman is to seal the deal and get a date, right? What if we told you that you shouldn’t go in for the kill the moment she gives you the feeling that she is down to hang out? Playing hard to get is fun and it tends to make people desire you all the more. You will be able to make the first move once you’ve been talking for a while and the conversations flow easily. Just follow your instincts, they won’t steer you wrong.