How to Keep Things Fresh in Your Relationship


A new relationship is fun and exciting as you discover things about each other and enjoy exploring things together. The dates are new, the endorphins are at their peak and life just seems great whatever it throws at you. Unfortunately, though the feeling doesn’t last forever and the novelty of everything being new and fresh can wear off. Before you know it, you have settled into a mundane routine and the excitement has gone. So how do you keep a relationship interesting and make sure that you don’t fall prey to it becoming boring?

Don’t take each other for granted

It can be difficult when life is so busy to not take each other for granted. Most of the time it is not intentional, life just happens and we find ourselves not appreciating those around us that matter the most. It may be that you just expect something from them that perhaps you shouldn’t or you just think that you don’t need to put the effort in anymore. It can happen without us realising it but once it does it can start to cause resentment from the other person as they feel that you don’t appreciate them. You don’t need to do a lot to make someone feel appreciated. Surprise them with a bunch of flowers, a night out at their favourite restaurant or just give them a hug and thank them for what they do.

Guys, don’t treat her like your mum

This one can be a bit of a bone of contention. If you have recently moved into together and he has just moved out of his mums then he may be used to having everything done for him. This may be having his dinner on the table, his washing done for him and things just being where he expects to find them. If this sounds familiar then it is time to change this. Ladies don’t let him treat you like a substitute mother figure… make him do his fair share. That said it’s not just guys that can be guilty of this. Women can also be just as guilty of the same.

Spice up a boring relationship

If you have become stuck in the comfortable rut then it may be time to. Perhaps when you first met you used to go for dinner regularly or the movies, perhaps you used to go out with other friends and have fun. After a while, you start to stay in and you become comfortable. You get home from work, eat dinner and then sit down in front of the TV or go off to your exercise class. Everything becomes the same, day after day and night after night. Don’t be that couple. Instead, make time for each other and new things. Why not set up a date night regularly where you are not allowed to do the same thing twice or start a new hobby or interest that you can enjoy together?

Keep it fresh in the bedroom

The sex is probably insatiable when you first meet. It’s new and exciting and your passion is at a high. You can’t get enough of this new and wonderful person and you certainly can’t keep your hands to yourself. Then gradually, the sex becomes less and less, the positions become less adventurous and you find yourself doing it because you feel you should and not because you want to. Now you have wandered into the danger zone and it is time to spice it up to keep that relationship fresh. Make an effort, dress up, role play, try new positions, do it in a different room and don’t get into the “Friday night” routine.

Those that play together, stay together

Busy people with busy lives often start to take other things in their life for granted. The mundane daily routine of work and kids can seem overwhelming and you start to lose sight of what is important. That is why it is so important to have fun. Make sure that you have fun in your relationship and don’t take everything so seriously. If you lose a job, you can find another one but if you lose the love of your life then it is not so easy. Prioritize what matters and make an effort to enjoy each other’s company and to make sure that you are both laughing regularly.

Long-term relationship advice

Now, of course, it may be relatively early stages of your relationship and you may not be thinking long-term but when you see those adorable couples that have been together years and that enjoy what seems like the perfect relationship, don’t be fooled that it is easy. It takes work, compromise and a lot of getting it wrong before you get it right. A good relationship requires lots of work and if you are in it for the long haul then perhaps it’s time to start putting more effort in and considering how to keep your relationship alive.

Consider the examples you have been set

If you have parents that have been together years and years and they are happy together then look at the reasons that they have been together so long. Perhaps ask them how they have managed to stay together. They are bound to have bountiful advice on what they do to keep their relationship alive. There may have been times when they have questioned their relationship or had to work particularly hard at it. If your parents separated then perhaps ask yourself why or if there was more that they could have done to make it work.

All other things aside, a relationship is about two people that want to spend time together and that want to build a life and a family. You need to have the same goals and aspirations and you need to enjoy being together. If you value your relationship and you want it to go the distance then it is time to start learning how to keep a good relationship.

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