Hope You like It: Gift-Giving Tips for a New Relationship

surprise for her

Every woman expects a thoughtful gift and there are so many events to cover: her birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, New Years and Valentines. Don’t make gift giving an obligation while dating, rather use it as an opportunity to surprise your special someone.

Sometimes you might overthink your gift. Should I buy something big to show my growing feelings?

Should I get something small to show that I am not moving too fast? Don’t make gift giving so complicated and use these four tips to help you come up with the perfect idea.

Never Skip A Gift

Not giving a gift thinking that it’s still a new relationship is not the best choice. After all, who doesn’t expect a gift on special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas? And it will make you look really bad when she presents you with a thoughtful beautifully wrapped present and you have got nothing to give in return. If you are confused, purchase a premade gift basket of toiletries or chocolates. Pair it with a bouquet of flowers and you are ready to go!

Don’t Overdo It

The beginning stages of a relationship are really fragile, which means you have to be very careful when giving gifts. There are two types of gifts that can put your relationship in jeopardy: a gift that is too expensive and a gift that is too intimate.

In any case, you have to make an educated guess to what level of gift she might be getting you. You don’t want your gift to be of higher or lower standards than hers. Again, don’t get into such complications. Think about her likes and dislikes, and then set a budget that you deem suitable for the gift. Your gift should portray that you were thinking of her and not push it to a serious level of relationship.

Customize Her Gift

There’s nothing more charming than customizing the gift that is geared towards her. Again, don’t get too extreme where you either buy a mundane gift that has no meaning at all or get something super serious that shows that you see her as your future wife.

This is your chance to dig into your partner’s interests. Does she like rock music? Get her the latest album of her favorite singer. Does she like opera? Get tickets for it. The idea is to get something meaningful that shows that you put some thought into it and didn’t buy the first trinket you saw in a mall.

Add Your Personal Touch

Add more meaning to a gift by leaving your fingerprints. There is nothing more romantic than pairing a gift with a personalized, hand-written card. Or leaving a note on the gift, if it’s a book or an envelope of concert tickets. Alternatively, you could also prepare a meal of her favorite foods. Such personal touches take little efforts but remain memorable for a long time.