The Right Time to Post a New Relationship to Instagram

couple posts themselves to Instagram

The right time to make a new relationship post to social media

When should you post your relationships pictures to Instagram or other social media platforms when you have just started dating? Nowadays we love a bit of social media. We use it to share fun with friends, exciting updates and new relationship pictures. But when is the right time to be posting our new relationship status to Instagram or other social media platforms? How soon is too soon and at what point is it OK? We take a look at some simple guidelines to ensure that you aren’t announcing your new relationship too soon and that you post at just the right time.

Should you post pictures if you just started dating?

How many people have you dated and how long have these relationships lasted? If you find yourself falling headfirst into something that resembles a relationship on a weekly basis and getting over excited about posting it then you’re going to have to either delete a lot of social updates and Instagram pictures or accept that you are going to be seen as someone who always has a new girl or guy.

Who does this new relationship affect?

Are there ex’s that may get upset or are there other friends or family that you would like to talk to first. Perhaps there are children involved or other reasons why you should keep your relationship under wraps until the time is right. If the other person is in the middle of a divorce or a separation, you should keep it out of the public eye as much as possible.

Defining the relationship and making it official

When it comes to announcing that you are dating on social media, you can simply just post a picture and wait for all the questions if that’s how you want to play it. Alternatively, you can just be to the point and tell everyone that you have met someone and that you have been seeing each other for a while. You could be humorous and caption it with something like “I’m only posting this for the likes but check out my new BF/GF” or you could post it and say something funny like “marks out of 10 ladies/gents” – be careful though if you want serious answers and they aren’t particularly hot in the looks department.

The subtle signs that you are dating

There are several ways to subtly introduce your relationship in an Instagram post or other social media platform. You can simply hint that you might be dating. Your posts don’t have to include photos of the two of you gazing at each other longingly. You can start by simply liking the other person’s posts. You can even comment on their posts subtly. If you want to keep people guessing you can keep your new partner out of the shot but have just enough of them in to raise eyebrows. You could post a picture of something and tag them without telling everyone who they are.

Communicate and agree with the other person

However you decide that it is time to make your relationship official, you need to agree on what you are going to post. Don’t just announce you are on a relationship with someone if you haven’t discussed it. All of a sudden you will find yourself wondering why you have a friend request from your new girlfriend or boyfriend’s mum, best mate or their sister for example before you even knew you were “social media official”.

Why are you announcing your relationship?

Be honest – is it to get back at an ex and show them you have moved on or do you want to show off your new hot guy or girl? Are you just so happy and wanting to tell the world? Will the world care and how will they perceive it? Don’t use relationship photos to play games. Instagram and other social media platforms can portray a happy couple with a great life having lots of fun but often it’s not always hearts and flowers. If you just want to show off then that’s fine and your kissing photos on Instagram will surely get lots of likes (or not depending on who you might upset.

Do you need to post on social media to validate it?

If the other person wants you to make that commitment then this may be a reason to post your girlfriend pictures or boyfriend pictures. Sometimes a social media commitment is a bigger deal than meeting the parents. You are telling the world that you are serious about this person and that you are proud to be dating them.

There are so many things to consider when making your relationship public on social media. Just be sensible and make are you are both ready to tell the world you are dating before you do. More importantly do it for the right reasons and have fun.

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Who knows what your next post in Instagram will be about?)