It is Possible to Have More Than One Soul Mate


It all boils down to your energy. You thought when you said, “I do”, it would last forever. You thought it was true love. You had to. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have married them, right?

Well, now you may be divorced and have decided that there isn’t anything possible. You might even reject the whole idea of love that lasts forever.

You might ponder if love or your previous relationships were real, while you pour yourself another glass of wine and watch that Katherine Heigl rom-com.

“If we don’t stay in love for the rest of our lives, were we even in love in the first place?”

“Are soulmates even real?”

“I thought that he was the perfect guy, but he turned out to be so horribly wrong… Is there anyone out there that is my soulmate?”

Here’s a thought you may not have considered…

If you believe in soulmates, then you also believe that we have souls. What if a soulmate isn’t quite what you thought it to be. Maybe it’s something much better than you could have ever thought.

Soulmates are people whose souls match one another — not their egos.

The soul is the light inside of you that is the better part of you. It’s an energy that is just as real as the heartache that you might be feeling right now. It isn’t a physical thing, it’s more than your heart that is torn in half. The physical aspect of you is much more than the ego.
Soulmates are souls who agreed to meet one another in the physical plane for a higher, greater purpose.

Relationships are Energy Matches

They say that you always attract your opposite. This means if you are a rescuer, you’re going to attract people who need your help. If you’re needy and have a lot of drama going on, you’re going to attract people who can fix those problems.

If are someone who is overflowing with love, you’re going to attract someone who is also flowing with love — and even those who might need some love.

When you are with someone that you truly love, you understand their passions and needs and you begin to treat them like they are your own. You don’t worry about trying to change or control the other person… That isn’t love.

Love demands a strong foundation — it isn’t for the weak folk. You should love yourself for who you are and they’ll love you too. You shouldn’t lose faith in your soul and keep that unconditional love for yourself so that foundation stays strong.

The more you are able to love yourself unconditionally, the better you’ll be able to let someone in and love you, too.
Just be the wonderful person you are and trust the Universe that will obviously send you a perfect match.