Doc Love: Can a Man Be Too Good-Looking to Get a Girl?

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Just like women, who are too hot, can’t get dates because men are intimidated by them and find them out of their league, men are sometimes too hot for women as well. Women find that dating a man who is too good looking can affect their self-esteem. Their perception is that hot guys tend to cheat more and are only interested in one night stands.

So let’s have a closer look at men who are too good looking to get a girl.

The Dating Experience of Good Looking Men

At times, good-looking men are chased by women rather aggressively. These women are among those who are looking for some hot guy that will satisfy them for a night, with no strings attached. To make matters worse, these hot men are mostly approached by older women, because women of their own age find them intimidating. So, how can good-looking men have serious and long-term relationships?

The Dating Solution for Good Looking Men

The problem isn’t actually with the good looks because if you ask any guy, they would kill to look like the most famous celebrities of Hollywood. So these hot looking men, who find their good looks to be a dating obstacle, are actually living in an alternate reality.

Of course, things are different for good looking guys, but it’s not actually going to be a drawback. First of all, good looking guys talk a lot less because they let their looks do their talking for them. If a woman compliments your looks, you should be gracious, instead of having a look on your face that says, “tell me something new.”

Use your looks to your advantage and don’t display yourself as a one-night stand type of guy. It’s true that women find good looking men intimidating because they know there will be lots of competition with other good looking women. If older women approach, politely refuse and offer to go out with their daughters.

Also, when you approach women, don’t move in like a battering ram. Instead, ask for their phone number so if they are interested they will give it to you. If not, then there are plenty of fish in the sea. On the other hand, ask for their phone number and don’t creep them on Facebook or ask for their email.

Phone calls, or even texting, are a perfect way of communication that are a little personal but not so much that you scare her away.

If you have successfully landed a women’s number, make sure you call her in time so that she actually remembers you. Calling right away are obvious signs of desperation and calling too late will, again, make her feel you are calling because you got a boner, i.e. looking for a one night stand.

Then when you do call her, don’t offer to take her out for pizza. Level up to your good looks and take her out somewhere that actually feels like a date. This will give her the impression that if you are willing to arrange such a fancy date, you are probably looking for something serious. It will allow her to let her guard down and you can finally come over your “too good looking” problem.