Discover Where to Meet Singles in Long Beach


So many options are now available to bring more excitement to your love life, and using the internet is probably the best thing to do when you're going to date in Long Beach, CA. It makes it easier to explore your area's available options and even allows you to find the best venue for your first date. The good thing is that you can find plenty of bars, clubs, and other attractions in Long Beach, whether it's your one hundredth-date or the very first date after a recent swipe. You can find so many romantic hideaways in this part of the world, but you can also use those vibrant places to pick up new partners. Let's explore some of the best names in Long Beach to have an amazing dating experience.

Hit the Best Long Beach Singles Bars to Flirt

Whether you're a local or visiting Long Beach for the first time, understand that your visit to its amazing bars will pleasantly change your love life. With a number of options available, you're going to have some quality time exploring Long Beach singles bars. Of course, not everyone out there would be up for some adventure, but you should keep trying, and while doing so, you're sure to have some quality time in an electrifying environment. Here are some interesting options to consider when seeking a partner for dating, flirting, and maybe some serious relationship.

Stache Bar


If you're seeking a way to enjoy some flirting while experiencing top-shelf spirits for cheap, you have to hit the Stache Bar for sure. While you may not be able to find so many hipsters at this place, you'll still have enough opportunities to find a partner for the night. There, you'll be able to enjoy top-shelf liquors, which will get even better when you know the bartenders are capable of using them differently in your drink. It's also a great place to order Jack and Coke or even a PBR tallboy. You may even offer someone a free drink to break the ice, and it may be the start of a new relationship for you.

Pike Restaurant and Bar


To enjoy some flirting action along with immersing yourself in some chaotic rocker vibes, you should visit this bar, which is a perfect situation between the Retro Row shopping district and the Fourth Street dive bars. This versatile bar offers numerous opportunities to enjoy yourself while hoping to bump into someone special. There, you'll witness a diverse crowd of locals, giving you the opportunities to impress a nice lady to be your date. You'll appreciate it's schizophrenic décor of retro punk, which is further accentuated with nautical and grand-prix themes. You're going to improve your chances of enjoying some cool flirting action on weekend nights when the place turns into a crowded watering hole.

Fourth Street Dive Bar Crawl


You can find this bar located between Alamitos and Cherry Avenues, arguably one of the best punk-rock dives you can find in the area. While listening to your favorite music on the jukeboxes, you can hope to find so many options to test your flirting skills. You might have to pay someone's drink to grab her attention, but that's not going to be a huge investment, isn't it?

Alex's Bar


Flirting gets even more exciting when the atmosphere is suitable, and that's what you get when you're Alex's Bar. It's easy to pick up girls when you're enjoying live music at a bar. Moody lighting will further enhance the ambiance and give you enough opportunities to impress a naughty woman. It's among the best music venues in Long Beach, CA, but you can enjoy some quality drinks on on-show nights. You'll be at your best when there's a perfect combo of quality craft beer, impressive tunes, and high-quality cocktail programs. So, be sure to take advantage of this charming atmosphere to get closer to the girl of your dreams.

Spend Time in the Best Clubs to Meet Singles in Long Beach

The nightlife in Long Beach is vibrant, and you're surely going to find many opportunities to meet naughty singles. You can enjoy great music at these clubs and try your dancing shoes while getting near the girl who has caught your eye. Here are some of the best clubs to meet singles in Long Beach, CA.

Cowboy Country


With a massive 15,000 sq.ft of dancehall and saloon, this nightclub is surely going to impress you with all its amenities and facilities. You'll find three dance floors on its two levels, along with a pool room, a large stage, and a couple of full bars. You're going to meet like-minded singles in this country-themed nightspot with interesting music events, a menu of burgers, a mechanical bull, and hot dogs, of course. If that's not enough, you can join their free dance classes taking place on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, as this could be the opportunity to make your female partner fall in love with you.



It's one of the very best nightclubs in the area where you can enjoy some quality drinks and wild dancing sessions with gorgeous singles from the local area. The combination of VIP bottle service facilities, quality video/sound system, Nitros co2 System, private rooms, and plush lounge area makes it a great choice to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Long Beach. It excels when it comes to DJ and live entertainment, and that's exactly the opportunity for you to get near someone you like and reveal your flirty side. If things get naughty, you can always head to one of those private rooms already available at the venue.

Alegria Nightclub


This top-tier Latin venue has so many reasons to be on the top of your list to enjoy a great night out while looking for naughty singles in the area. It enjoys an impressive history of live entertainment, and you can always afford to be a bit flirty when it's live music along with some VIP amenities. You can experience the best Latin nightlife at this venue, along with some outstanding DJs and live performances. While hoping to find a partner, you can order some authentic Latin American food. Asking someone to join you for a drink may open doors to turning it into something special. So, be there to enjoy your heart out!

Attend Events for Singles in Long Beach to Find Love

Bars and clubs will always be the obvious choice for anyone looking for a date, but you can enjoy yourself even more by attending some exciting events always taking place in Long Beach, CA. You'll enjoy the festivity while getting a chance to get close to a nice lady. You can even attend a festival or event and ask someone to guide you more about it. It could be a great way to break the ice and lay the foundation of a good relationship. Here are some of the best festivals and events for singles in Long Beach:

Love Long Beach Festival


: If you think it's going to be an average music festival, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise. You'll be welcomed with some incredibly impressive house music coupled with beautiful scenery in Long Beach. Of course, there will be many families out there, but you can also find singles attending the festivals with friends. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes and a beach towel to have some unforgettable fun!

Long Beach Craft Beer Festival


: It's yet another interesting festival to check alone or with friends. What could be better than a beer festival to meet adult singles who are ready to mingle? While enjoying the beer, you'll get a chance to sway a little on your favorite tunes. When there, don't forget to order some Baby Back Ribs, Brisketini, and Louisiana Hot Sausage Bites. You can even find some non-beer vendors offering samples as well.

Original Long Beach Lobster Festival


: Where should a guy who loves seafood and is on the lookout for a romantic partner go? Welcome to this amazing Lobster Festival in Long Beach, where you can enjoy fresh, live Maine lobsters. You'll be amazed to see them cooking lobsters in a huge cooker, steaming more than a thousand pounds at a time. They offer all lobster dishes, from lobster sliders to lobster rolls, and bisque, fries, and lobster on a stick. Be sure to try their signature drink, the "Screaming Lobster", and don't forget to keep looking around because there'll be plenty of singles looking to join someone to make it an even more exciting trip.

In short, there's so much festivity happening in Long Beach all the time. No matter when you decide to visit the place, there will be so many events to give you the chance to mingle with locals and improve your chances of finding a partner for a serious relationship.

Explore the Parks to Meet Real Singles in Long Beach

You may be thinking that bars and clubs and live events are the only options for those looking for naughty singles in Long Beach, but don't rule out the parks so quickly. You never know when you might bump into a hot woman while taking a stroll in one of many scenic parks in this part of the world. Here are some good options to consider:

Bixby Park


: In this park spanning over 16.7 acres, you'll find many fitness loops, a bandshell, barbeque pits, and a mobile skate park. There are sculptures to admire while taking a walk and enjoy waterfalls, green space fountains, swings, and much more. You'll love its goldfish pond, which is professionally decorated with water lilies. It may be the perfect place to find some beautiful singles who might want to connect with you romantically.

Scherer Park


: This park provides you with 26 acres of recreational area, including volleyball, tennis, pond, and community center. If you love sports and would like to be with someone who likes the same, you may come to this park, which is considered a popular venue for sport in this area. There're eco-trails to explore where you can experience the natural beauty of the area. Quite interestingly, the park is a venue for so many events and exhibitions, so you're likely to meet a nerdy single here if that's what you're after.

Los Cerritos Park


: Sports areas, picnic shelters, open space, restrooms, walking trails, waterfalls, and many opportunities to engage in sporting events – you'll find all this amazing Long Beach Park. It 7.24 acres of parkland offers stunning scenic views, which will surely make your romantic senses come to life. It's great for family fun, but you can also find singles enjoying the great outdoors with friends, and this provides you the opportunity to be a bit flirtatious.

El Dorado Nature Center


: This 105-acre parkland provides you with infinite amenities and stunning sceneries to be a true romantic. You'll find many admirers of floral sceneries and lakes in this park. Head to one of those shaded walking trails, and you may find a companion as well. There's also an archery range as well as a camping ground for youth groups – and that will serve as a great place to meet singles in Long Beach, CA.