Simple Do’s and Don’ts All Lesbians Should Know


Now you might think that dating a new gal is going to wind up being like your very own lesbian rom-com. You may have dreamt that it goes a little something like this:

    • You ask her out in a quirky way that appeals to only her.
    • She’ll be smitten and profess her love for you.
    • When you go back to your place, fireworks will go off when both of you climax. Naturally.

Sorry ladies, dating rarely ever works out like that! It would be awesome if it did, but most of the time it never does.

We do, however, have a good chance of making the first date with a new lady go smoothly! All you’ll have to do is simply follow these crucial dating do’s and don’ts for dating a lesbian.

Don’t Overshare

We should clarify that men and women are guilty of oversharing on the first date. However, women tend to be repeat offenders when it comes to talking about their exes. You should never mention an ex, except to say that things are over and you haven’t talked to them in so many months/years.

Don’t Be Cheap

For some strange reason, people assume that lesbians are cheap. Forget that! Show your date that you are into her, and you don’t mind shelling out some money so that you both will have a good time. Granted, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to do that, either! Maybe you are short on money and have to be a little thrifty, choose a cheap date, but add pricey elements. For example, have a candlelight picnic in the park. Make it feel a little more expensive by bringing along a nice bottle of wine and yummy food that looks expensive but really isn’t (finger sandwiches, a cheese platter, etc.).

Don’t Have Bad Boundaries

What we mean by this is don’t introduce your date to your friends right away. Never take them to a party where your ex may show up. You are trying to make a good impression on your date, and by introducing them to people in your life too soon, you could actually make things more awkward than need be.

Do Be Direct When Asking Her Out

When you are working up the nerve to ask a woman out, be straightforward and honest. Instead of saying something lame like “We should hang out sometime soon,” be direct and ask her out on a date. Also when asking her out, you should have a clear plan of what you will be doing and where you’ll go. You want to show her that you’ve been planning on asking her out for a while and have thought of everything!

Do Think of Things to Talk About

Ideally, when you are going out with someone, you’re going to want to talk about something that you both have in common. This does not mean you should talk about being lesbians, parties, and people you may know. Instead, think of topics like current events, hobbies, interests, and the like.

Do Be a Little Creative When Planning the Date

Your date is going to be a direct reflection of who you are. You want to show your date that you’re an interesting person and you like to have fun. Sure, it’s easy to ask someone out for drinks and dancing, but anyone can do that. You want to show your date that you have depth and interests outside of getting wasted!

Do Show Her You’re Interested in Her

When you’re on the date, you should always make it a point to ask her questions about herself and her life. You want to ask follow-up questions throughout the conversations with her to show her that you’re listening to her and absorbing everything she’s saying.
When you play your cards right, not only will you be able to, but you may even fall in love!