9 Awesome Ways to Keep Your Man Interested According to LGBT Ladies

kissing couple

When we are in a relationship, we can make a bunch of mistakes, and it’s all because no matter how long we have been at this dating thing, we have no idea what the hell we’re doing regarding trying to relate to the opposite sex.

The truth is, it isn’t as easy as we want it to be and we could use all the help that we can possibly get. For some advice, we’ve turned to the group that understands women and what they do wrong — Lesbians. They know how a woman feels, and they understand what it’s like dating a woman, so naturally, this makes them the best demographic to talk to find out what we’re doing wrong.

1. Effective communication.

Women have a deep seeded fear of rejection when it comes to men and because of this, they tend to keep their mouths shut and hold back a lot of the truth. By holding back, you’re just setting up your relationship to fail. In short, be open and honest!

2. Stop catfishing.

You can’t expect to spend the first part of the relationship pretending to be someone you aren’t just to impress someone and then get mad when he leaves you once you show your true colors. No one likes being lied to and just imagine how betrayed he’d feel when he discovers that the person he fell for wasn’t real?

3. Be upfront and open.

Being open and honest is so important in a relationship that we had to repeat it. When you are expressive and raw, and he decides to stick around, you can take comfort in knowing that he’s staying for you and not for some other reason.

4. Remember men aren’t like women.

Men aren’t as good at multitasking as women are. This means if he is watching his favorite show or working on a project in the garage, don’t ask for anything or try to have a conversation. Just wait until you know you’ll have his undivided attention and then have at it.

5. Don’t call each other “mommy” or “daddy.”

Just don’t do it. This is creepy and who honestly wants to think of their parents while macking on their spouse? Yeah, it’s not so cute, now is it?

6. Stop reading stupid magazines.

You know what magazines we’re talking about; those magazines that have contradictory headlines that say you should be proud of your body and embrace woman power, but then tells you three signs to look for to know if he’s in love. You should know these things right off the bat!

7. Let him miss you.

It can be hard to take a new relationship slow, but you shouldn’t be sending rapid-fire texts and bugging him nonstop about where he is and what he’s doing. Go out and live your life! Don’t be available 24/7, make him miss you!

8. Talk about your fantasies often.

The more you both know what gets each other hot and bothered, the better your sex lives will be. Spend as much time talking about what you want to do to each other as you would talking about household finances, the weather, and whatever else.

9. Stop downplaying your own desires.

Women feel like how he feels is somehow more important than her own. Stop this line of thinking and understand that your own wants and desires are equally as important as his.