How to Flirt with a Gay Guy?

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The gay dating scene has one of the most active communities with many gay guys frequently looking for a partner; whether it’s online, out at a bar or through a friend there is a massive hub for gay dating everywhere you go. However, this means that you must wade through more people and catch the eye of your crush with more fervor than ever before as more and more men become comfortable with their sexuality. Flirting with a gay guy can be hard but we have some top tips and tricks to help you seduce your man successfully.

How Gay Guys Flirt

One of the best ways to understand how to flirt with a gay guy is to understand how homosexual men interact with one another when they’re attracted to the other. By contemplating the subconscious and subtle ways men flirt you’ll be able to implement these methods into your dating life. Some ways gay guys flirt can include:


If you’ve noticed that the guy you’re talking to is smiling and laughing a lot at your jokes it could be a sign that he is flirting with you. The two of you are creating a comradery through humor and he is showing that he understands and approves with the points you’re making. Naturally, you’ll start laughing if you’re genuinely interested in your guy anyway as it is relatively instinctual.

Slight Touches

Whether it’s a hand on the shoulder of a gentle and fleeting graze across the leg, slight touches are a way a guy will show you if he’s interested. He is trying to gauge your response to his advances while trying to show you he desires you without being pushy. If you’re trying this flirting technique, you have to be careful as you can make someone uncomfortable by pushing into their comfort zone.

Sultry Eye Contact

Bedroom eyes are a massive sign that a guy is into you and some men can pull this off better than others. If he seems to be gazing at you deeply in a manner that isn’t creepy or off-putting, then he could be non-verbally expressing his desires for you. As stated, bedroom eyes can’t be pulled off by everyone, so you might want to test the water before implementing this technique.

Buys You a Drink

This method is classic, but it is still one of the best ways to let someone know you’re interested. Furthermore, giving your desired man the option to decline the drink is incredibly polite too and can make them feel more comfortable in your presence.

Tells You

Some guys will just come right out and say how they feel about you; although this is a riskier move it can pay-off in the long-run. Ensuring that you remain polite and respectful will stop anything from getting too messy. Remember that their rejection is not a reflection on you either.

Types of Gay Guys

Although putting gay guys into different categories never works – as everyone is a nuanced and complex individual – understanding the stereotypes and behaviors can help you with your flirting approach when you’re looking to get together with a gay guy. Some of these types include:

Someone who is very dramatic and loves being the center of attention. They will want everyone’s eyes on them and tend to be the loudest person in the room. You may have to accept when flirting with a Queen that you’ll majorly take a backseat in conversation.

This is the guy who expresses themselves through their art; painting, music, performance or any other form of art is what they truly care about. You’ll be able to connect to these kinds of guys through a love of culture and works they find truly inspiring.

Drag Queens
Not all drag queens are gay but there is a large majority of them who are. If you want to flirt with a drag queen, you’ll be dealing with a sassy and often hilarious individual who cannot stop performing – even if they’ve never been on the stage.

If you have been aware of the gay dating scene for a little while you have probably run into the term ‘bear’ to describe a certain type of gay man. Bears tend to be older, gruffer and more roughhewn – think more lumberjack than Italian artist. Bears may be more toned down about their sexuality and less flamboyant about their desires, so it is best to take things slow and steady.

These are only some of the categories LGBTQ members use to refer to some gay men and as stated people are complicated creatures and can never fit into one category. However, by understanding some of the types you can get a feel for a situation and alter your flirting strategy accordingly.

How to Get a Gay Guy to Notice You

It can be tricky if you’re more into being hunted than being the hunter and there is no sure way to get a guy’s attention, however, there are some things you can do. I would recommend always being yourself and acting with dignity as doing this will attract the right kind of guys. However, he may be shy, so the best bet is to try and strike up a conversation first if you’re really interested in an individual.

Ultimately, being able to flirt effectively and subtly comes with practice and you’d be surprised by how many people can read slight signs from your change in behavior. If you’re genuinely interested in a guy that’ll shine through – no matter what you’re doing – if you act in a calm and respectful manner. You have to choose your own path and decide what method is the best fitting for the occasion and if you implement those ideas you can’t go far wrong.

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