How to Tell if a Guy is Bisexual: the Biggest Signs

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Want to know how to tell if a guy is bi? Then read on! Here are the biggest symptoms that your guy is bisexual and attracted to men as well as women.

Are you worried that your man is getting a bit too close to another guy? Perhaps you have suspicions that he may swing the other way? If so, you may be looking for signs that your man is bisexual.

Bisexuality refers to romantic or sexual attraction toward both men and women. Whilst a mere appreciation of the appearance of someone of the same sex isn’t bisexuality, a desire to get intimate with them does point to it. Here are the most common signs of bisexual men.

Bisexual man characteristics

More and more people are coming out as bisexual thanks to a growing awareness about this diverse sexual orientation. So, if you do discover that your boyfriend likes men as well as women, this would not be unusual. It’s become so much easier for people to label themselves as bisexual. Here’s what to look out for to discover whether your man is indeed attracted to members of the same sex.

Here are the biggest signs of bisexuality in a man

He avoids using gender-specific pronouns

Talk to your man about his past romantic partners and take note if he’s ambiguous about their gender. Does he use gender-neutral terms such as “they” or “my partner”, rather than gender-specific pronouns like “he” or “she”. Perhaps he leaves out names when talking about his exes. Whilst this isn’t proof that he’s bisexual, it may be a strong indicator that he’s dated men as well as women.

He’s lost interest in sex

If you’ve noticed that your man is becoming disinterested in sex with you, it may be a sign that he is bisexual. He may seem to be somewhat happy with your sex life, but you get the feeling that he is holding something back. Perhaps it’s always you who initiates sex or he’s always in a hurry to finish. You may also notice that he’s started to request anal stimulation or enjoys having his prostrate massaged. If he wants to have anal sex more than vaginal sex, this is a sign that he may be bisexual. It’s also worth noting that if your partner enjoys same-sex porn and finds it pleasurable, it’s likely that he’d be open to a bit of same-sex action too.

He has close friendships with gay/bisexual men

Observe your man’s friendship group carefully. Does he have many close friends who are gay or bisexual? If so, it could be that he is prone to exhibiting similar behaviour. Although this isn’t one of the biggest bisexual man signs, it can indicate that he is comfortable with bisexuality and the lifestyle that comes with it. You may also want to watch your man when he is around his friends. Does he touch them a lot in a tender way? Is it a little bit too close to them? It may be that he’s always texting or on the phone to certain friends. Whilst this can be normal, you might need to worry if he becomes secretive about it.

He displays homophobic behaviour

Rather than being close to gay/bisexual friends, it may be that it goes the other way and acts aggressively towards homosexual people. One of the biggest signs of repressed homosexuality in men is the displaying of homophobic behaviour. It may be that he is acting this way because he has chosen not to acknowledge his true feelings and is afraid of his bisexuality being uncovered. Men who don’t want their girlfriends, wives or friends to know that they have bisexual tendencies will behave with aggression towards gay or bisexual guys so that their own bisexuality remains secret. If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend acts in a hateful or mocking way toward gay men, this may be one of the signs he is bisexual.

How to know if a guy is bisexual

Bring up bisexuality

If you really want your man to open up and talk about his sexuality, you will need to show him that it isn’t an issue for you. Bring up bisexuality and talk about it in a positive manner (if this is indeed something that you can do). This may help him to feel more comfortable about discussing his sexual preferences with you. He needs to know that you’re not going to judge him if he does decide to come out to you. Try not to imply that you think bisexuality is just a phase or a state of confusion.

Ask him

If encouraging your man to be open about his sexuality hasn’t worked, you could always just ask him. If you’re in a relationship with a guy, chances are you’re pretty close, and so you should be able to tell each other anything. Asking him upfront is he bisexual will give you the most accurate answer. Give him time to respond and then support him, no matter what his answer is. Remember though that if he’s not ready to come out, you can’t force him to. If your boyfriend does admit to being bisexual, don’t make the mistake of then going and telling everyone. It’s not your secret to tell and doing so may simply result in lost trust between you.

Times have changed dramatically over the past few years, with more and more people coming out as bisexual. People aren’t afraid to admit that they’re attracted to both men and women. Nevertheless, it can still be a shock to discover that your man is bisexual. If you discover that he is indeed into guys as well as guys, try to be as supportive as possible. Whilst this revelation can certainly change your relationship and its dynamics, if you truly love each other and want to be together, it doesn’t have to spell trouble. Accept your man for who he is and support him as he deals with his sexuality.