An Easy Guide to How to Spot a Lesbian

lesbians eats ice cream

There might be some signs that appear to be more obvious than others. If you stroll into a bar popular with LGBT people, surely lesbians will be all around you? Not necessarily. Many straight women frequent these venues because they’re less likely to be pestered by guys. But this is where your undercover lesbian quest can begin.

What are typical lesbian signs?

While some straight females are drawn to drinking in gay bars, they will be in a minority. It would be safe to say most of the punters will be looking for the same things as yourself. So what are the signs someone is a lesbian? You can’t always assume someone with short hair is, but in the context of socializing in lesbian bars, it’s a distinct possibility. Your task of how to find a lesbian can be made easier by the fact many lesbians are not only proud of their inclinations, they openly advertise the fact. So keep an eye out for t-shirt slogans, or pink or rainbow-colored badges and triangle pins.

Deeper undercover lesbian investigations!

So you’ve got your metaphorical spyglass out, looking for less obvious clues. Check out fingernails. If she’s sporting long nails or even extensions, then she’s clearly not into lengthy sex sessions with another woman. Once you do get chatting with a female how does she react to you? Does she move in close, frequently brushing against you? Do you notice her checking out other women?

Lesbian women often have the brash confidence straight men can have. As she engages in conversation she may well be open about her preferences for women. In that case, you can throw that pretend magnifying glass away!

How to recognize a lesbian by chat

Another dead giveaway is when a lesbian starts talking about previous partners. If she mentions an ex-boyfriend this doesn’t necessarily mean all is lost. Perhaps she is bisexual. On the other hand, she might only have come out recently. Many lesbians on the scene will have ex-husbands and children. But if she discusses her ex-girlfriend or doesn’t bat an eyelid when you do the same, then you are definitely in the company of a lesbian.

How many types of lesbians are there?

What type of lesbian are you? What is your preference for a same-sex girl partner? The reason you might well find it difficult to answer these questions is there is no one categorization of lesbians. There are certainly signs someone is a lesbian but as for generic types, that’s open to interpretation.

What are the different types of lesbian?

It’s worth mentioning common stereotypes because sometimes lesbians will gravitate towards one group. These might include the ‘socially aware lesbian.’ Characterized by a deep interest in political or environmental issues, they are driven by causes. After all, same-sex relationships are still frowned upon by less enlightened members of society (and are still illegal in many countries.)

There are lipstick lesbians who are outwardly as straight as any other women, proud to flaunt their curves while bedecked in jewelry and beautiful dresses. Butch lesbians are less attuned to their feminine side and will sport cropped hair, a lot of piercings and more tattoos than a Hell’s Angel. They’re not consciously wanting to look like bikers but they do relish subverting the ‘sugar and sweet’ image society loves women to conform to.

Have you wondered what type of lesbian you are?

It’s one thing knowing how to identify as a lesbian and appreciating lesbian clothing style. But when it comes to mixing with other lesbians you might be concerned about fitting in. Relax. You’ll find the LGBT community is extremely progressive, never judgmental and always welcome. Your perception of your type may well alter, depending on whether you find yourself more comfortable with butch or femme girlfriends. Just keep an open mind.

What do lesbians like? Is there a golden rule?

What straight people often find hard to get their heads around is the thought of lesbian sex. What on earth do lesbians like? Firstly, they like intimate contact every bit as much as heterosexual couples. In fact, because their time together doesn’t have to rely on the staying power of an erection at the center of proceedings, lesbian love lives can be way more adventurous. They are free to experiment with every conceivable form of sex – anal, oral, penetrative – you name it. And multiple orgasms are pretty much guaranteed for both parties!

How to dress like a lesbian – be imaginative!

When considering how to dress like a lesbian it’s worth bearing in mind that nobody, straight or gay, should ever feel they can only express themselves within certain strict parameters. However, there may be occasions when you feel you’d like to stick to certain preconceived ‘clichés’ because you’ll be more comfortable attracting attention from other lesbians while you are socializing.

A good tip is not to go overtly ‘femme’ in your appearance. If you adore high heels, either bunch your hair up or go for a cropped look. If you do like your hair to be flowing over your shoulders, then wear flat shoes.

When it comes to eye makeup, keep it discreet. Avoid sparkly sequins but do go for smoky-looking eyeshadow.

Lesbian haircuts

Something as ubiquitous as a haircut doesn’t necessarily indicate anything other than this is the style currently preferred. But there are certain ways of expressing sexuality that go beyond pride in appearance. For many a lesbian, short hair is favored over longer, more ‘feminine’ tresses. But it’s important to add the proviso this isn’t a universal trait. In many other instances, lesbian haircuts are deliberate statements of femininity. Lipstick lesbians love embracing their natural inclinations, sporting chic hairstyles and glamorous outfits guaranteed to get as many straight males’ heads turning as other lesbians. Although those guys are in for a major disappointment.

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