Can You Tell if Someone is Gay?

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Many people reckon there is such a thing as a ‘gaydar’ or that they can inexplicitly tell if someone is homosexual. But is it really that easy to tell if someone is homosexual?

Of course, everyone is different, so certain people will notice more about others and be able to determine their sexuality from their experience, knowledge, and understanding of the human race.

There is No Set Proof

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Whether you think you’re a dab hand at knowing when someone is gay or not, you should understand that there are no 100% physical signs to actually prove or determine a person’s sexuality or sexual preference. There are no physical signs and no behaviors that mean someone is homosexual. But with this being said, some behaviors or physical traits can be slightly more common in people that are gay. However, these are often hurtful stereotypes that shouldn’t color your perception of an individual. Really, the only way that you can know for sure if someone is gay is if they tell you.

Don’t Push It

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If you have a friend who you suspect might be gay, don’t pester them as it can be very difficult to come out. The individual who is struggling with coming out of the closet may be worried due to a number of reasons; their family could be completely against homosexuality or it could affect current personal situations in their life. When the individual is ready to come out as homosexual, they will do it in their own time.


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If your friend or someone you know has been seeing someone of the same sex, you must remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is homosexual. They could, in fact, be bisexual. There is a common misconception that bisexual people are simply gay people trying to hide it, but this isn’t true. It’s completely natural and acceptable for someone to be interested in both men and women.


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If you’re currently in a relationship and you think that your partner may be gay, there are a few common signs that should be addressed.

• They are no longer interested in sex with you or look at other members of your sex in a different light.

• They check out members of the same sex in a sexual manner.

• They spark close and personal relationships with members of the same sex that you’re not a part of.

Of course, these could mean a whole host of things and could even just indicate that your relationship has become stale and things need to be spiced up. If you’re in a relationship and have an inclination that your partner may be gay, it can be very sensitive to approach. Of course, you love the person you’re with and want to know the truth. The best way to deal with a situation like this is to gently broach the subject. After all, it may hurt you that your relationship is coming to an end, but you need to honor their true sexual identity.