10 Things that Always Happen When Your Single and Your Best Friend Is Not

threesome at the table

Although you may not be the one in a relationship, when your best friend finds herself dating someone new, these 10 things always happens to you at one point or another during your friendship.

1. You’re happy for her. Look, we know you aren’t secretly hating on your best friend, that’s now what you do. You’re genuinely happy for your best friend, and that’s great.

2. But you make it known that you are a permanent fixture in her life. You make it known to her boyfriend that if he is going to be dating her, he is going to be dating you too, so he should prepare himself for the constant WhatsApp commentary on each other’s lives, the inside jokes and countless dinner dates.

3. You’re going to hear everything that goes on within the relationship. The best part about having a best friend is that you can share all the juicy tidbits of the relationship with your boyfriend with your best friend. Just keep in mind that this goes both ways, so all those stories you regaled about how much your guy farted in bed, she may one up you are tell you how loud he snores or how often his hands are down his pants.

4. You have to adjust to the time that you don’t get to see your best friend. Prior to being in a relationship, you and your best friend were inseparable. Now? Eh not so much. In fact, maybe now you see your best friend even less than you’ve ever seen them before. You’re going to have to get used to this new change and find something (or someone) else to occupy your time.

5. You consider finding your own special someone. Hey, there is nothing wrong in finding someone that you want to hang out with, get romantic with, and maybe even fall in love with. After all, your best friend is doing it, so why can’t you? Go on, go out there and find yourself a new boyfriend! Then you and your best friend can start planning double dates! Oooh fun!

6. You feel like sometimes you and your best friend are breaking up. They say breaking up is hard to do, and you’ve never thought you would have to break up with your best friend. Of course, you aren’t actually breaking up though. Your friend is always going to be your friend, but they just won’t be in your life as consistently as they once were. It’s not the end of the world!

7. This “you time” is actually a lot better than you thought it would be. When we say “you time,” we are talking about the you don’t have to spend with the boyfriend’s family and weird friends, like your best friend now has to suffer through. Score!

8. You realize that sometimes you do feel a little jealous. You get jealous when you hear your best friend gush about the romantic date he took her on, or that incredibly sweet gesture of a path of rose petals that led from the front door to her favorite ice cream sundae in front of the television, which was pre-loaded with a marathon of her favorite television show. Ah, it’s these instances where you wish you had your own thoughtful boyfriend… Right?

9. But then again there are those times where you are incredibly thankful that you’re still single.
There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being in close proximity of a couple who is in their honeymoon stage and it seems like they can’t keep their hands off one another. Sure, they may think their unabashed PDA is cute and not at all gross, if only they realized just how uncomfortable it makes you and everyone else around them. Yuck.

10. Overall, you’re still happy that she’s happy. In the end, the only thing that really matters is that this new guy makes her happy. And, because she is your best friend, he makes you happy too. Oh, but don’t think that if he breaks her heart, he’s off the hook. He better run, because you’ll be the first person to hunt him down and give him an earful for hurting your best friend.