Top Ideas for Double Dating: Having Fun as a Foursome

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Do you and your partner have couple friends? Then at some point, it’s only natural that you’ll want to make plans with them as a foursome. More and more couples are opting to go on double dates, bringing their friends along to share the fun. Not only can having a friend in tow make the date less stressful, but it also means you’re less likely to have to worry about those awkward silences. With there are four people out together instead of two, you’ll be much more likely to keep the conversation going. Plus, double dates are the perfect opportunity for your friend to finally meet the person you’ve been dating!

What is a double date?

A double date is basically an activity that couples do together, such as going out to dinner or going to the movies. Going on a double date can be lots of fun and could even improve your relationship. This is because spending time with other couples can make you feel much closer to your partner. So, if you’re both up for having a fun night out with friends and strengthening the bond you share at the same time, it could be time to consider going on a double date.

Where to go on a double date?

Knowing where to go on a double date can be tough. Although there are almost endless fun double date ideas out there, you need to be sure that you choose something that all four of you will enjoy. It’s no good planning a trip to the bowling alley if your friend has recently sprained her wrist, or a going to see a band that one of you vehemently detests. The best double date activities are those that result in lots of fun and great conversation.

Good double date ideas

There are many fun things to do on a double date that will help make your time together as a foursome a total blast. Consider activities such as dancing, ice skating, miniature golf or wine tasting. These are all activities which won’t fail to break the ice and get you all talking. A comedy show is also a good choice, as let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy laughing?!

Double date activities

One of the most popular double date activities is going out to dinner in a nice restaurant. Yes, everyone does it, but there’s a good reason why. Great restaurants provide a relaxed and ambient setting in which to enjoy fantastic food and enjoy great conversation. It’s a good idea to discuss beforehand where to eat so that you know everyone will like the cuisine on offer. There’s no point booking a table at a top Asian restaurant if your mate’s date won’t touch spicy food!

Double date tips

If you want to make sure your double date goes smoothly, it’s hugely important to include everyone. All of you will need to pay attention to everyone’s level of engagement and mood to ensure that no-one is uncomfortable or are acting withdrawn. Do your best to keep everyone engaged. It’s also a good idea to take a few moments to yourselves as a couple. Asking your date to help you with the drinks at the bar or asking them to dance can give you valuable alone time and a chance to reflect on the date so far. Do try to avoid being too affectionate with your partner as this could lead the other couple to feel uncomfortable. Hopefully, these double date tips will help you ensure that the date goes to plan.

Cheap double date ideas

Good double date ideas don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house if you’re really trying to save money. Some of the best double dates take place at home. If you enjoy entertaining people, cooking and generally having a fantastic night in with friends, why not invite the other couple round? Not only will you avoid spending too much by staying in, but it can really help to create a sense of friendship between you all, as well as building a stronger bond between you and your partner. Cook a great meal (check if anyone has any allergies first!) or host a game night or movie night. There are lots of possibilities for cheap and cool double date ideas in the home.

Creative double date ideas

If you’re looking for creative ideas for double dates, read on. These activities are perfect if you’re tired of going out for dinner or the movies with your couple friends and are looking to do something a little bit different. One great idea is a treasure hunt at a flea market. Split $30 between you all and then rummage for unique treasures. See who can find the craziest or coolest item! Another idea is to plan an action-packed date. If you’re all adrenaline-junkies, why not plan a rafting day out? There are few things more exciting than battling the white-water rapids. It’s not only fun but it requires the ability to work as a team, making it the ideal activity for thrill-seeking couples.

More and more couples are seeking ideas for double dating, and it’s no surprise. Double dates are great for reducing the stress that comes with dating someone in the initial stages of a relationship, reducing the pressure to keep the conversation flowing. Date night with your partner can be fun, but it can often be even more enjoyable with friends in tow. Dating with another couple means more excitement, thrills, and romance. Date dates are ideal for those who are having just started dating, but they’re also a good way to inject variety and new experiences into an already established and healthy relationship.

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