8 Forms of Affection that is Way More Intimate than Sex

lying couple

It’s true that being intimate with someone usually means in the bedroom, but there are 8 ways affection can be much more intimate than sex. Because of this, it gives you more reasons why you shouldn’t rush into sex. If you’re not ready for that level of intimacy, there’s numerous ways that you can show your affection with someone you are dating that doesn’t require getting in between the sheets.

1. Holding each other’s hands in public.

The horizontal mamba doesn’t have much significance for some people, as they are willing to sleep with anyone they are interested in. Be that as it may, these same people may only hold hands with someone they really feel attached to while in public. We know what you’re about to say… Holding hands isn’t that big of a deal. Ah, but the act of holding hands with someone lets the world know (in a subtle way) that you aren’t afraid to flaunt your love for your partner.

2. Meeting the family.

When your partner asks you to come and meet the family, it means that they want to include you in their inner circle of people who mean the most to them. After all, they wouldn’t bring you to meet their parents if they weren’t serious about the relationship and didn’t see a future.

3. Tender kisses that aren’t sexual in nature.

There are a variety of kisses, but when you sneak that special someone a sweet kiss out of the blue, it means something special. When you kiss someone without the intent to do the nasty, it just shows that you care for them.

4. Cuddling.

Cuddling gives you the opportunity to pull your partner close to you and just hold them. This level of intimacy brings partners closer because you can feel each other’s heartbeat and you feel a deeper connection with one another.

5. Staring into each other’s eyes.

You would be surprised to learn that it can be difficult for people to stare into one another’s eyes—they often find it awkward and uncomfortable. However, when you and your partner are comfortable with the relationship and each other, you may find it is much easier to stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

6. Enjoying the comfortable silence.

Every moment that you are together, you don’t have to be engaged in a deep conversation. You know that there is something special between you two when you can sit in each other’s company and enjoy the silence. It’s relaxing, comforting, and sometimes it the silence is the perfect thing.

7. Sharing secrets.

Anyone can offer their bodies to someone as a way of getting close to them. When you are able to open up and share a secret with your partner, that is much more significant than giving in to your carnal desires.

8. Slow dancing.

Slow dancing with your partner is romantic and it if you can sway to the music, or even the silence, without stumbling over each other’s feet or feeling awkward, then that is an intimate act.