If You Need to Know How to Find a Fuck Buddy, Here’s How

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How to get a fuck buddy and avoid a relationship

There are many reasons why someone might wish to find a fuck buddy. A fuck buddy is someone you have sex with regularly that you are not actually in a relationship with. When you have a fuck buddy, you can get the physical and sensual satisfaction you require without any of the fuss and stress that can come with a relationship. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of having a fuck buddy and what you need to do next if you want to find one.

Do you need a sex buddy?

You may wish to find a fuck buddy because you love sex and haven’t had it for a while but you are not ready to have a proper relationship. Fuck buddies are also known as “friends with benefits”. People often say they don’t want a relationship because they want to maintain the ability to have sex with numerous people, don’t want to deal with couple-related drama and don’t want to feel tied down. Friends with benefits are often sought out not only by men but by women too. Many people say they wouldn’t have time for a relationship even if they wanted one, but still need to get off with another person every once in a while.

Where to find a fuck buddy

Once you have decided that a fuck buddy is something you need in your life, you need to identify the right steps to make this happen. One way you can find a fuck buddy is to start looking in the right places. You can find a friend with benefits in more places than you might expect, including bars and clubs, at erotic events and even at concerts. If you tend to be shy around others, you may need to appear more confident, even if you are faking it. Potential friends with benefits won’t know you are looking for a fuck buddy rather than a romantic partner unless you spell it out for them. You could even use an online dating site to find girls in your area that want to fuck with no strings attached.

The etiquette of finding a fuck mate

You don’t need to start walking up to girls and telling them that you want to have sex with them, but you can strike up conversations with them and casually mention or suggest that this is the kind of arrangement that you are looking for with a female. It is important to let the girl know that you find her attractive, but you don’t need to actually say anything sexual at this point. If she is interested in you, she will let you know. You might already know your fuck buddy – perhaps there is someone at work or college that is currently single that you suspect would be interested in non-committal sex? Some people decide to become fuck buddies with people they are already friends with. This can work but can also be risky – you may risk ruining the friendship forever. It could become too awkward, one partner may fall in love or you may get jealous when they eventually do settle into a serious relationship.

Find a naughty friend with benefits – keep love out of it

When the conversation turns to love and sex, try to focus on your naughtiest stories rather than telling her about your most romantic memories, dreams and fantasies. You don’t want to actually be her boyfriend, so make her know you find her attractive without bringing any flicker of romance into it. The stories that you tell her should be focused on sex and desire rather than cuddling up on the sofa. It’s important to appear to be an open-minded person with a free spirit.

Does she want a fuck buddy?

If things are going well but you’re ready to push them further, you need to actually find out whether a fuck buddy is something that she is interested in. You need to ask her if she is currently seeking a relationship or just wants to have fun. You’ll also need to find out whether she is single or already taken. Even if she does not spell it out to you, she may provide you with hints that she is looking for a friend with benefits by saying she is not interested in anything serious or is open-minded.

Starting a fuck buddy relationship

If the night ends well and you do end up doing the deed, consider the quality of the sex before you ask her if she wants to enter into a fuck buddy arrangement. If the experience wasn’t very satisfying, you may wish to look elsewhere. However, if the encounter was electric, ask her if she would like to repeat the experience shortly. She may well say no, but she may have enjoyed herself so much she is willing to become your fuck buddy.

Fuck buddy ground rules

Once she has agreed to become your fuck buddy, there are several things you need to avoid if the arrangement is to be a success. Try not to appear too eager to arrange further encounters, as you could look very needy, which can be off-putting. Don’t see her too often – if you do start to hook up with her more than once or twice a week, the arrangement could turn into an actual relationship, which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Fuck buddies – not for jealous types

You can’t get jealous – having a fuck buddy is about not being exclusive, so she may be hooking up with other men when you are not around. This is something you will need to be comfortable with. Some fuck buddies do agree to see each other exclusively, but this can drag you very close to relationship territory. If you are giving her the satisfaction she needs, she may only come to you for sex anyway. It can be wise to agree not to tell each other about the sexual activities you are getting up to elsewhere. It’s possible to experience visceral jealously even if you don’t want to be in a relationship with the other person.

Don’t fuck and tell

To avoid ending up in a relationship with a fuck mate, it’s very important to avoid doing anything that could be regarded as romantic, such as going for a meal together or buying presents. One thing you will probably need to agree on is to keep your arrangement secret – if you tell the boys about it, there’s a big chance it will come out and her reputation will be damaged. Respect her and keep the arrangement a secret.


A fuck buddy arrangement can be highly beneficial for both of you if you are both on the same page. One of the main reasons so many fuck mate agreements fail is because one person ends up wanting more. Having a fuck buddy enables you to enjoy sex whilst you are free and single, whilst potentially making bedroom activities more adventurous and exciting. Fuck buddy arrangements aren’t supposed to go on indefinitely, so you do need to mentally prepare yourself for when your sex mate wants to move on. It’s also wise to never bring the arrangement up when you do find yourself in a serious relationship, as a long-term girlfriend may see you in a negative light if you recount your tales to her. Not everyone approves of these arrangements, and some people can see them as cheap and trashy. Make sure you have examined the pros and cons in-depth before entering into a deal with a fuck buddy. If you have thought about the potential pitfalls and still want to go ahead, have fun!