Do Women Believe that Size Really Does Matter


In the same way as women, men are now obsessed with their bodies more than ever before. They are worried about their weight, their shape, their physique and how well-endowed they really are. For a man, it is important that they feel good about their penis and its girth or length but for women, some like a man who has it all while some are more concerned about the way they work between the sheets. What women say about size differs from one woman to the next but does size really matter in a relationship?

When it comes to size and the way it looks, no guy wants to have their anatomy assessed openly and honestly but some men do wonder what size do women prefer? So, why do men care and does size really matter?

The average penis size – what is it?

There are many misconceptions about the average penis size. Of course, pornography portrays a rather different image to that of the real world, yet many men and women still believe this to reflect the truth. There are marketing campaigns where products are offered to help enhance the size, length, and girth of a penis, so no wonder it is at the forefront of the mind of many.

However, you might be surprised to know that the average size of a flaccid penis is between 2.8 and 3.9 inches while erect, the average is between 4.7 and 6.3 inches – a big difference to that seen on adult sites.

Does size play a part in pleasure?

In some respects, it does but it is not just about size. What really matters is the knowledge a man has between the sheets and the techniques that he uses. The key to getting the most pleasure during sexual intercourse is to adopt the right technique and in fact, orgasms are more about technique than actual size. So, if a man has the right technique and the woman has a real understanding of how her body works, it results in amazing sex – proving why size matters very little. If a woman can tell her man what to do and when to do it, then the correct stimulation will be reached and that can lead to an intense orgasm.

Is there such as thing as a penis that is too small


Women love talking about size and there is nothing wrong with that. However, what is important is that they realize that they are not always going to find a man with their ideal penis size. Of course, a penis can come in many different sizes and when it comes to intercourse, there are some positions that are not suitable for men with a small penis. This is not the end of the relationship by any stretch of the imagination because it then relies on finding a position that works. This can take practice, which is fun and it can take trying out many different positions which is also fun and so, all is not lost if a man has a smaller than average penis.

The problem with being too big

If a man has a large penis then he might feel quite macho about it, while the woman will be able to tell her friends about his size but in reality, it is not all plain sailing. There is such a problem as having a penis that is too big for intercourse. A woman might like the look of a large penis but when it comes to sex it might mean that more lubrication is required and it can mean that it is too painful in general. In the same way as a small penis, this is all about finding the right position but a large penis is not all sunshine and rainbows as it can lead to problems.

What do women really think?

There have been many surveys carried out about penis size and what matters to women. It has been found that women find girth to be of more importance than length when it comes to the size of a penis. A penis that has a wide girth could help to enhance clitoral stimulation during sex as well as hitting those sensitive areas of the vagina. In reality, the size of a penis has a psychological effect on women as opposed to a physiological effect proving that despite what women think, it is all about sexual satisfaction.

Men can be insecure about their penis size


The media, friends and cultural pressure has resulted in more men comparing their penis to that of other men quite regularly. This behavior can affect men of any age but it is important that men understand that penis size is not the golden ticket to sexual success.

Therefore, it is important for men and women to remember that it is not the size that matters but the way in which he uses his penis during intercourse.

So, does size really matter?

The answer to this can be taken from two different sides. There is the scientific side of things and the side that relates to the way in which men and women perceive the importance of size. However, in both cases, size does not matter at all.

Research has found that maybe having a wider penis can lead to a heightened sensation for women but length does not guarantee better sex that is more enjoyable. This is all down to the way in which the man performs in bed and the techniques he uses.

Psychologically, a man wants to have a large penis because that is what he believes women want. On the other side, women want a man with a large penis because she believes that it will give her better sex but she also believes it is what she needs. However, underpinning all of this is the fact the size matters very little. Ultimately, the size becomes irrelevant if two people really hit it off in bed and make things work. Making love should be fun, exciting, creative and interesting. There should be no emphasis on size from men or women because all they should focus on is enjoying sex and getting the satisfaction that they desire.

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