Ways to Boost a Woman’s Sex Drive

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For many women, there was once a time where they found their partner insatiable but over time their sex drive has diminished. Preparing for fun between the sheets now takes a lot of time and planning because it has become more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. However, a low sex drive and female libido are more common than you realise but there are things you can do to improve it. It is more than just foreplay to put things right but get it right and sex will be better than ever before!

Reduce your chores

This is one of those sex-drive stealers for women that can be easily rectified. Tackling the housework and tidying up after the children can often leave you feeling tired and lacking in energy. Of course, these feelings do not disappear when you enter the bedroom and so, it is time to think about pushing the chores to one side and focusing on what really matters – quality intimacy. When you remove this small problem and forget about it, you will find that the increase in sex drive will have you feeling young and full of energy all over again.

Deal with any anger you might have

We all get angry and often it is for many different reasons. However, anger or repressed anger can lead to a low sex drive in women. If you find that you are angry about your partner because he is not pulling his weight around the house or because someone annoyed you in work, do all you can to deal with it. Anger can completely ruin any desire that you might have had but there is a way of dealing with this issue. Find the source of the anger and find a way of dealing with it. Whatever it might be, have the belief that you can deal with it because if you let it fester then it can become a real problem for your relationship.

Don’t strive for perfection

Identifying how to boost a woman’s sex drive is easier than many realise but often, the quest for perfection can stand in the way. You might strive to have the perfect home life and a tidy home but life is no longer as simple as that. We lead hectic lives and so, often this need to be perfect can lead to problems elsewhere in our lives – such as the bedroom. There is no such thing as perfection but still, it is easy to become stressed about those flaws instead of focusing on time spent with your partner. The female sex drive can be easily dented but then it can be brought back up again just as easily. Therefore, look to give yourself and your partner a break and give yourself the time to have fun and enjoy your intimacy once again. Nothing has to be perfect, so relax and go with the flow!

Remove all stress

Stress can cause all sorts of problems and that can range from family problems to relationship problems to problems with work. However, what you might not realise is that it can affect your sex life more than you might know. Stress causes your body to produce increased amounts of cortisol. This works against your sex drive and so, it can decrease your sexual desire. To increase sex drive, try to clear your mind of all stress before you head to bed. This could involve doing something as simple as taking a warm bath or listening to music. When you do this, your levels of cortisol will reduce and your libido will return.

Eat Well

What we eat has a significant impact on our feelings and the way in which we think. A poor diet will leave you lacking in energy and will lead to mood swings and that can lead to problems with arousal. In fact, if you want to take this one step further, a poor diet and increased cholesterol can restrict blood flow and that can make it even harder to feel like you actually want to have sex.

Think about your relationship

Relationship problems can lead to a reduced sex drive, regardless of how small or big the problem might be. Your relationship might benefit from professional help or you might find that a good discussion to clear the air will make the world of difference. When you consider how to increase libido in women, often the problem lies in the relationship itself. Find the problem, sort it out and get back to having fun again.

Lots of physical contact

When we love someone or have a physical attraction to them, physical contact can set off a whole range of emotions. Something as simple as holding hands, kissing and touching can release the hormone oxytocin and that boosts arousal. So more touching can lead to an increased libido.

Make your bedroom the place for romance

Too quickly, your bedroom can be the place where the kids come for cuddles when they have had a bad dream or for many, they find that their pets can take over. These are major distractions that will completely remove any link you had between your bedroom and intimacy. Keep the children out if possible and ban any pets and you will soon find that the bedroom will become your haven of intimacy.

Exercise more often

We all know just how good exercise is for us but it is also good for us when it comes to our sex drive. It will improve your mood, increase your confidence and lower stress, all of which will rev up your sex drive.

Turn your low libido around
If you have been feeling like intimacy is the last thing you can think of, even though you used to enjoy it at every given opportunity, now is the time to put things right. A low libido can occur for a number of reasons but often, a few changes can put you back in the mood for it once again. Make the changes now and watch as your sex drive reaches new heights!

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