Is No Sex in a Relationship a Problem that can be Solved?

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It is, in fact, rather common for many relationships to have no sex life at all. On the surface, couples might seem relatively normal but they could be suffering from a lack of sex in their relationship. Even though this is common, it is not something that is openly discussed because they feel ashamed and embarrassed. This lack of discussion results with the problem where relationships could end naturally which could be seen to be a real shame. This lack of understanding and honesty underpins the problem even though it is a problem that can be solved.

Is a sexless relationship worth saving?

It is important to consider the importance of sex in a relationship. It brings people together intimately and it is a way of displaying affection and passion. However, it is not the end of the world if a relationship is considered to be a sexless relationship. A relationship that lacks sex could still be a loving relationship that works. If this is the case, then the relationship is certainly worth saving because a relationship that relies on sex is certainly a lot stronger.

There are a number of reasons why a relationship might be a non-sexual relationship. It could be something as simple as fatigue, but injecting passion into a relationship where both are busy can prove difficult but it is certainly worth trying.

How to turn a non-sexual relationship into one with plenty of sex


They say that a problem shared is a problem halved and that is especially true when it comes to relationships without sex. Discussing it and can help to bring any problems out in the open and can remove any tension. If the problem is identified then you can find a solution, however, if nobody is willing to admit that a problem exists then it can prove difficult to solve. If sex is discussed then it means that everyone is in the same position and that puts a platform in place to help seek out the solution to dealing with no sex.

Passion is important

If a relationship without sex has become stagnant then both must want to turn things around. If both are seeking out a solution as opposed to focusing on the problem with their partner then it is possible to rekindle sex. It is not about blaming one another because this will lead to ill-feelings and so, both have to want to feel passion. When couples are willing to embrace passion, they will find that passion will grow. Therefore, identifying a time each week where passion becomes a priority is important. Once this has been put in place, sex will begin to happen more frequently.

Ease sex back in

It is important that a relationship without sex is not rushed into making sex a priority. It is not something that will happen overnight and so, it is vital that any sensuality is eased back in. If a time is put aside for sex then it can put pressure on both involved and it could actually set a relationship back. couples have to consider spending time together where they cuddle and feel at one with each other without having to make love. The idea behind this is to be close but not feel as though it has to lead on to something else. If couples end up having sex then that is great but if not, things are moving in the right direction.

Variety adds excitement

Having sex is not just for the bedroom. Couples who are in a relationship with no sex but want to have more sex need to think about adding in an element of variety and excitement. This could involve booking a hotel room or even heading to a secluded spot. Whatever it might be, the intrigue, desire, and passion will certainly heighten the wanting for sex without it feeling too regimented. Introducing sex back into a relationship is about creating new experiences as that can get a thing going again.

What might cause a lack of sex in a relationship?

A relationship can lack sex for many different reasons but if a relationship is loving then it is worth doing all that is possible to find the cause and seek out a solution.

Lack of connection

Often, couples can spend time apart because of personal reasons or work reasons. This lack of connection can cause couples to feel as though they are drifting apart.

Couples are too busy for sex

People lead busy lives these days whether that is looking after children, being busy with work or dealing with other pressures. Whatever they might be, the time taken up by these things means that couples don’t have time for sex.

A lack of self-sexual attraction

Commonly, people can feel that they are not sexually attractive to their partner. This results in them becoming distant and withdrawn. People can feel unhappy with their appearance and feel as though their partner does not want sex with them.

Bad past experience

Past relationships can take their toll psychologically if an ex-partner has criticised or been negative. This can make people believe that sex is not for them and that means that their relationship with their new partner is affected.

Does a lack of sex mean that it is time to give up?

If a relationship is meaningful and loving then there is no need to give up. In any relationship, if couples do nothing, then they have to pay the price for that but identifying the issues can really make a difference. A sexless relationship does not mean the end but it does mean that work is required to put things right. While sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, it is a way of showing that you love someone and that is why it is worth finding a solution.

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