How Can You Create an Attractive Personal Style?


When someone asks you to “describe your own personal style” do you have a ready answer, or do you have no clue what they’re talking about? If you have no clue, maybe it’s time to do an inventory of your style and the message it puts across to people.

Style is like wearing your heart on your sleeve; it shows off your personality. Some say style is about the ego, but truth be told it’s not. Most people are visual and will either feel attracted to or put off by a person’s style. We all make judgments in the blink of an eye when we meet someone and those are based on people’s body language, looks and what they’re saying. In other words, style, combined with your manners, is very important when it comes to getting a chance of getting to know someone. First impressions often don’t last, but they are what propel people to either walk away, or open the door for you.

So how do you find your own unique style? A good place to start is fashion magazines and Pinterest. Have a look around to find photos you like. Then make an inventory of how you perceive yourself as a person and what you’d like to communicate through your style. If you aren’t a visual genius, put together the images you found with this inventory and ask a stylist for help. Sometimes that stylist might just be your very stylish friend, as personal stylists can cost a fortune and some. Two stylish friends might be better than one, so as to get some varied opinions.

If you get help from friends it can also be beneficial as they know you and, thus, will know if the clothing you pick actually reflects who you are.

Personal style doesn’t stop at the clothes you wear. It’s also about how you decorate your home, the accessories you use and so forth. Everything you have around you is a reflection of who you are, or should be a reflection of who you are, if you want to feel happy about it and allow others to get a glimpse of the fabulous you.

You will find as well that by changing the outside, the inside might alter a bit too. If you don’t like some aspect of your personality, then you don’t want that in your personal style. You want your heart in your style, not learned behavior that doesn’t serve you. And by changing your style you may just find that you live your heart instead of your ego. Also, maybe you’ve been hiding and showing off your style will help you break through your own little self-imposed prison of fear.

Make sure when you create your personal style that it’s not about your ego. Some people who fear they are insignificant wear clothes in neon pink so that no one would ever think them insignificant. Some people who feel they were injured by society as kids wear clothes that will provoke, instead of clothes that show their true self. If you feel you need to shout something from the rooftops, chances are you aren’t truly in tune with yourself. People will see you if you’re being authentic. There’s no chance they’ll miss it.

You’ll find that when working on your personal style, you might actually do an inventory into your overall life as well. Are you really living the life you desire, or are you held back by fears, laziness, or something else? Are you scared what would happen if you’re authentic, or have you maybe been so busy focusing on creating outside success you’ve forgotten about your internal life?

Whatever you discover when creating your personal style, have fun with it! Don’t despair if you encounter parts of yourself you don’t like, or at first don’t find a style you gel with. Explore. Get curious. And create something you love.