How to Tackle the Causes of Low Libido and Read Its Signs

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Are you one of those people who are currently suffering with no sexual desire at all? It happens from time to time. However, when you are constantly feeling as though you have lost interest or touch with this area of your life, this can pose a huge problem to your overall sense of wellbeing. There are many reasons why people can have a low sex drive and many negative impacts this may have on your life, some of which we explore within this blog. There are also lots of things you can do about changing and maintaining your attitude to sex. Whether you have felt like this before, or never before, tuning into this article will give you a better understanding of a healthy human libido.

What is libido?

To put this simply, libido is another term for your sex drive, the desire of a person to have sex. The famous psychosexual analyst Sigmund Freud conceived the word ‘libido’ and he used the term to explain the force that drives people towards life and sex. Everyone has a libido or some degree of sexual desire, and this can fluctuate depending on your age and circumstances.

So, what are the signs that your libido is low?

The most obvious sign that your libido is low or lacking is to compare the frequency of your current sexual interactions against the amount you normally have. Are you normally much more sexually active than you are currently, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not? Do you think about sex and physical intimacy a lot less than usual? Do you get aroused as often as you usually do? These factors when combined are explicit signs that your libido is lacking. Your partner may even point it out for you too if their sexual needs are not being met!

Things that can trigger a low libido

Although we do not like to think or talk about our mental health, suffering from mental health problems like depression, stress and anxiety can be large contributing factors in having a low sex drive. If you believe that your sex drive is failing you, evaluate why this may be. Have you recently decided to change your lifestyle or are you feeling down about yourself right now? Having poor self-esteem can also contribute greatly to a drop in your sexual desire. Many people wrongly assume that sex is something that is predominantly physical. However, emotions and your mind play key roles in constructing your sex life and need to be nurtured in the same way as you would your body, in order to maintain a healthy sex life.

Problems that having a poor sex drive can cause

On the opposite side, however, having a sudden low sex drive can also take its toll on both the individual and their partner, triggering both mental health problems and relationship issues. For fear of sounding too emotionless, we do not often like to think of sex as being central to a successful relationship. However, sex is an integral working mechanism in the makeup of a coupling. Sex or sexual acts when you are in a relationship are things that are personal to just the two of you. Being ‘intimate’ means much more than just intercourse and refers to the bond that two people have together. Sex unites a couple and brings the foundations of their very souls together in a way that strengthens their connection. Without this, the romantic union between two people will weaken.

How to rid yourself from having no sex drive whatsoever and keeping it in check

Being optimistic in your everyday life will greatly help you maintain a healthy sex drive. Optimism has shown to help improve your health and this is the same for your sexual health too. In keeping a positive outlook, you will find that many specific aspects in your life begin to improve. This may also include your everyday mood, which will have a direct impact on your sex life. You may also find that this lack of sexual desire is only temporary and that you snap out of it yourself in time.

If you are worried about your sex drive, remember there are many keys things to help keep it in check. Signs that you might be suffering from a low libido are easy to pinpoint when you know them.

Suffering from a lull in your sex drive is very common and is nothing to be ashamed of though you must make sure that any persistent lull should be tackled accordingly.