Don’t Regret That One-Night Stand – It is What it is!

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We live in an age where one-night stands are almost totally acceptable. It is no longer a taboo subject and that means that the people are free to enjoy them as they wish. However, there is often an element of regret that comes after the deed has been done and that is because often when we find ourselves in that position it is usually because the intimacy is underpinned by a feeling of lust and romance with certain feelings towards the other person. Essentially, we are not programmed to walk away from that situation with no feelings or emotions. However, you shouldn’t regret a one night stand because it is what it is and once you get over the emotions and feelings that come with it, you will enjoy it even more.

That initial feeling of regret

woman with feeling of regret after sex

One-night stand sex or casual sex as it is also known does come with a tinge of regret. This can be for a number of reasons such as it being disappointing or you spent the whole time thinking about someone else. Whatever it might be, it is common to have a feeling of regret immediately after it. What guys think after a one night stand when compared to women can be construed to be different to that of women but in reality, we are all different. While it has been found that men generally regret causal sex less than women, it has also been found that those women who take the initiative and make all the moves regret sex less. Despite this, the majority of people have regrets about their one-night stand experience.

Those common one night stand feelings

one night stand feelings

For women, many instantly worry whether they were too easy or have been seen to be too easy. This could be because they have been keeping an eye on their one-night stand numbers for some time and they know that they will never see this guy again. However, as mentioned, casual sex is no longer a subject that is frowned upon by society in the way that it once was. It does not matter who you have sex with so long as it is safe.

Another feeling after a one-night stand is whether the other person will make the call. In fact, many hope that they will make the call. The truth is, if they call, it will give you a feeling of success and that you gave them something to enjoy but on the other side, if they don’t call, that can lead to a number of negative emotions. The truth and the reality of it all is that a one-night stand is exactly that – For one night only! Therefore, the whole experience is embarked upon knowing that contact will never be made again. Their phone call will not validate on invalidate any feelings, so there is no need to waste time worrying about it.

Commonly, people worry about how they look when they are naked and this is something that is completely forgotten about during the heat of the moment. In reality, even if someone doesn’t look so great naked, who is going to say anything otherwise? The chances are that there was alcohol involved somewhere along the way, so there is a possibility that both are feeling the exact same feelings.

Why you need to know how to not get emotionally attached

not get emotionally attached

It is natural to feel as though a one-night stand is one of the possible ways to finding a relationship. Ok, in some instances it is but this is often a mistake that people make. Commonly, one night stand sex is used as a way of fulfilling a need and desire while having complete fun and escapism. To prevent emotional attachment, it is crucial to acknowledge whether it is a relationship or just fun that will come of the whole experience. If it is the former then it is time to look for that but if it is the latter then you can head into a one-night stand with no regrets.

Being honest and upfront is one way of ensuring that you do not get emotionally attached. It might seem strange to mention the fact that you are not looking for anything serious but at least you are all singing from the same hymn sheet…or should that be bed sheet?! Either way, this will actually remove an expectation and awkwardness afterward. This is about keeping it light and casual because you want them to know that you want to go home with them but that is as far as it goes. For all you know, they might have had a completely different idea about where it was heading and so, putting it out there will mean that you both part ways knowing that neither of you wanted anything more.

Remembering and reminding yourself that it is all just for fun can prevent you from having any other kind of feelings. Telling yourself that you had a one-night stand purely because you wanted to be selfish and fulfill a sexual desire will make it clear to you that you did not want them to become your next partner. More importantly, remind yourself that you actually met someone who wanted to share that experience with you and nothing more.

It is not about how to get over a one-night stand

Throughout all of this, it is important to remember that the one-night stand is your return ticket to intrigue, mystery and desire but you can come all the way back again. There is no real one-night stand advice that you can follow other than to enjoy it for what it is because there should be no misconceptions about what casual sex is. It is two people having fun because they want to – nothing more, nothing less.