Do You Have a Specific Kissing Style? Find Out Here!

kissing couple

Experts say kissing can help maintain the strength of relationships. People kiss in many different ways, and the way that you lock lips and tongues can say a lot about you and your relationship. Learn about styles such as the single-lip kiss, closed mouth kiss, kiss with a tongue and more right here!

What your kissing style says about your relationship

The single-lip kiss sees partners kissing just one of their lover’s lips at a time, instead of heading straight into something more intense. This can help build up anticipation on what is to come and is widely agreed to be one of the most romantic of all the kissing styles and techniques. The cheek kiss isn’t as associated with romance and is often used to express platonic love and affection, though it does frequently occur within sexual relationships too, particularly when something more sensual is not appropriate. When a cheek-kiss occurs in a long-established relationship, it can show that the couple are true friends as well as lovers.

The closed mouth kiss

The closed mouth kiss often happens early in a relationship when a couple are in the process of getting to know each other and intimacy and trust haven’t been fully established. Those that kiss with their mouths closed may be waiting for things to develop before they opt for something more passionate or erotic. If this kiss occurs in a relationship that has been going on for some time, the couple may need to rediscover their spark and work harder to re-establish their passion. Open mouthed kissers tend to feel incredibly comfortable with the other person, placing a great deal of trust in and feeling intensely passionate about them and experiencing strong feelings of romance, lust or both.

Confident and nervous kissers

Many people who believe themselves to be great kissers aren’t as adept at kissing as they think. Conversely, some people who have little faith in their kissing abilities are better at the activity than they believe themselves to be. Shy types often turn out to be incredibly good kissers, whilst some more confident individuals have been alarmed to learn that their kissing techniques leave a lot to be desired. It’s often said that no two people kiss exactly the same.

Eyes closed, eyes open, passive and aggressive kisses

Those that kiss with their eyes closed are often regarded as prolific dreamers who like to completely immerse themselves in the moment, whilst those that lock lips with their eyes open are frequently described as pragmatic, inquisitive and curious. Wild kissers tend to have adventurous, defiant personalities and rarely accept defeat in life. Some people like to be kissed and remain submissive during the activity, whilst aggressive kissers like to lead the way and show their partner who is boss.

Kissing trivia

Let’s take a look at some fascinating facts about kissing now. It’s said that many of us learn our kissing style in the womb, with the majority of people tilting their heads to the right when they kiss. Tilting your head in this manner is something that we learn to do before we are even born. We use 146 muscles when we kiss, with the muscle around the mouth called the orbicularis oris doing a great deal of the work. King Henry VI actually banned kissing in 1439 in order to combat disease. Kissing later became punishable by death in Naples – this has since been overturned.

More facts about kissing

In Ireland, 400,000 kiss the Blarney Stone each year, resulting it being branded the world’s least hygienic tourist attraction. Censors banned kissing in horizontal positions from Hollywood in 1930, though this was lifted in the 1960s. The study of kissing is known as philematology, with its students being called osculologists. Thailand’s Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat broke the Guinness World Record for kissing when they kept their lips locked for over 58 and a half hours.

The health benefits of kissing

Kissing offers more health benefits than you might expect. It’s said that kissing can relieve you of pains and aches, burns around two to three calories each minute, maintains a healthy immune system and stops cavities. It also has valuable health benefits, reducing anxiety and depression whilst releasing feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. It can also lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When people kiss, they experience a rush of oxytocin, the chemical which helps us bond. Kissing can also dilute your blood vessels and therefore reduce blood pressure.

Kissing remains one of the most popular ways to show love and affection. The history of kissing is bursting with fascinating facts, and there are all sorts of physical and mental health benefits attached to the activity. If you haven’t been locking lips enough recently, now may be the right time to get intimate!