What Do Men Want from Women?

man undresses woman in glasses

What do men want from women? That’s a question almost every woman asks herself at least once. Is there an answer though? Is there something specific all men want from women? Yes, and no.

What men want from women is, on the one hand, individual. We’re all different. Not unlike magnets we feel drawn to that which resonate with us. Like puzzle pieces our personalities either fit together, or they don’t. You can learn every trick there ever was to seducing a man, but if your personalities don’t fit, by the end of the day, you won’t fit.

Remember that. You are what is needed. There are tips and tricks to engage a man, but by the end of the day he’s looking for you. If there is no sparkle, no chemistry, it doesn’t mean you aren’t right, it means you aren’t a good combination.

If you want to find a man and keep him, there are certain things you can do though, which aide with your appeal to men.

The first thing you need to gather is confidence and by that we simply mean confidence that you live the kind of life you want to live, or are working towards that. Women who are happy with what they do and who they are, or are striving towards those goals, come across a lot more relaxed and easy to approach. They aren’t trying to prove something by putting on various attitudes, nor are they hiding in fear.

There’s another thing about having a life you love as well – it means you aren’t going to date a man who doesn’t make you happy. You won’t throw yourself at any random man, rather you will take your time getting to know him, making sure he knows he is not going to be a priority until he has proven himself worthy of that. You have a full on life, a life you care about, so you aren’t about to answer his every text straight away, as you’re too busy with work, friends and life. Nor will you rearrange your calendar to see him. He will know up front that if he is to have a chance with you he has to prove himself worthy of it and that will make him work to obtain a great relationship with you. Similarly, you will only date a man who has the same standards and not someone who throws himself at your feet the day he meets you.

Secondly, men want a woman who they’re physically attracted to. Different men will be attracted to different kinds of faces, bodies and styles, but what these women usually have in common is that they care to look after themselves and feel sexy. Appreciate your body and the men will appreciate it too. There is something irresistible about a woman who knows her own sex appeal.

With regards to physical attraction it’s also the thing that turn friends into lovers, so if you want a relationship with someone, there has to be sexual tension. You create that by flirting – teasing, challenging and complimenting someone – as well as by using innuendo in texts and being physical in person. Dangle a carrot in front of their face and make them work for it.

Thirdly, men like to feel appreciated. If a man offers to carry your bag, open a door for you, or pay your bill, don’t get offended. He knows you can do it yourself, but he wants to show you he cares. And when he cares he wants to feel appreciated for it. It makes him feel like a stud.

Likewise, compliment him. Show your appreciation of his mind, body and overall personality. If you aren’t usually the type to compliment, get started by practicing on friends, family and random strangers. You’ll see it works wonders for relationships.

Lastly, remember in a relationship you have to keep experiencing new things together and setting goals together to make it work. If something goes stale, it dies. It’s nice with routine, but you also need to break it. We all change constantly, so keep up with it. And spend time apart to miss each other. You will lose your own sense of self if you’re always together and that’s not attractive. Also make an effort with date nights and time for sexy moments. Also, the best way to get someone to do something isn’t to nag, but rather to encourage them for the good stuff they’re doing and ask in a sexy manner if they can help you with something. It works a lot better than telling them they’re a terrible person because they forgot to do their dishes…