Learn How to Seduce a Woman with Some Seduction Techniques

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Some men seem to be able to entice women and seduce them with an effortless charm that we marvel at and wonder why we can’t do the same. There is a girl that you have your eye on and you want to know how to make yourself more attractive to her. Well, with the right seduction techniques and a touch of confidence, you can learn how to seduce even difficult women. We take a look at some top tips to help you conquer a woman!

Seduce a woman with your personality

There is a fine art to getting this right. You have to make her want you and to do this you need a personality that she finds attractive. Now if she is into quiet and mysterious men and you are loud and in your face then you are either going to have to adapt to suit what she wants or perhaps transfer your attention elsewhere. Trying to work out what makes her tick will come from getting to know her and making her want to know you.

Give her the right amount of attention

Most women love attention. Some women more than others though. For some independent women that are confident and know what they want, they don’t seek approval from a man. This type of woman can be the tough nut to crack. Those who are quiet, insecure and seeking approval will welcome positive attention. The trick is how much? Too little and you look like you don’t care and too much and you are suffocating her. You have to find a balance. You’ve heard the saying that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, right? Well you are going to need to work out what makes this woman tick!

How to seduce difficult women

how to seduce women into bed

If you like a challenge then buckle up and prepare for one. A woman that is hard to impress is going to be hard to seduce. It is probably going to be difficult to seduce her with wit or charm. Learning how to seduce a woman with words may perhaps not be the way to go in this instance. For many strong and independent women, actions speak louder than words. They want to know that you are who you say you are and that you are as good as your word. This doesn’t mean you have to make grand gestures but if you are going to make bold claims then make sure you can back them up.

Don’t stalk her or go over the top

If you are determined to win her over then you are going to need to get a bit clever. Stalking her, sitting outside her house, sending her lots of gifts and calling her a million times are all among things that are going to get you a restraining order. There is making an effort and then there is being downright scary. Working for it may mean actually doing the opposite and sitting back and being patient on occasions.

Tips for making yourself more attractive

If you are looking to seduce a woman into bed or you want to win over the heart and mind of a particular girl or just women in general then it is time to up your game in general and follow these tips for success;

Make sure you are well dressed

You don’t have to wear a dinner jacket or tuxedo and go all Bond but you can make an effort to look nice with clean shoes, ironed shirts etc.

Groom yourself

Get your hair cut, shave your beard, trim your beard, spray a bit of something nice and make sure you look the part.

Flirt with her and let her know you are interested

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You may be assuming that she knows you are interested in her and that you are trying to seduce her but what if she doesn’t. flirt with her a little, compliment her when she looks nice, touch her arm or greet her with a kiss on the cheek. Let her know you are interested with a little flirting.

Help her with something

Perhaps she needs something moving at home or help with something around the house, maybe she wants someone to give her a lift somewhere. Make yourself useful and use these opportunities to get to know her.

Buy her a gift

If you don’t know her that well then this may not be the best idea but if you are sort of dating and it is going well then buy her a small gift. Even if it is something novelty from a shared joke, it will show you are thinking of her.

Call her when you say you will

There are a few things that a woman likes in a guy and that is includes someone that does what they say will. Don’t play games and play hard to get. If you are trying to seduce her then you are going to need to do the work, unless of course you think playing hard to get is the way to woo her.

Make her laugh

You don’t have to be the best-looking guy in the world if you can make a woman laugh. It is a great gift to possess so if you can make her laugh then go ahead and do it.

When all is said and done if she is worth it, then go for it and give it everything you have. In many cases, all it takes to seduce a woman is a bit of effort just to prove that you are worthy however if she is hard to get then be prepared for it to be a lot more difficult. Don’t make a fool of yourself and sell yourself short and don’t put up with being treated badly. Likewise, don’t be arrogant and assume that every woman that you go after is going to fall at your feet. If you meet the right woman, the effort that you put in will be worth it.

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