Common Mistakes When Hooking-Up for the First Time

couple in bed

Taking your relationship to the next level can be frightening and if you care for that person you want to make it as special as possible or at least to not be disastrous. Sex is an important part of any relationship but ensuring that you and your partner connect on an intimate level can be easier than you think. Understanding that as long as you keep the other person in mind then you can’t go far wrong, however, there may still be other factors that you may want to consider. That is why we’ve created a few tips on how to prepare for a hookup for the first time.

Where is the Relationship Heading?

Hooking up with someone is an emotional experience – whether you want to believe it or not – and that means that people can get hurt. Understanding that what you do can affect the other person will allow you to make better decisions about hooking up with this person. You and your partner need to be clear with each other about where you see the relationship going as this way you’ll be able to avoid any difficult scenarios as much as possible. Sometimes you won’t be able to prepare against everything, but if you communicate with your partner it is less likely to become an issue later.

Furthermore, if you can’t talk to your partner about where you’re going it could suggest that you’re not ready to hookup with each other. You’re about to engage in an incredibly intimate and emotional act, so if you can’t be honest with your partner then you may need to think about delaying hooking up with your significant other.

Not Being Able to Speak-Up about Your Comfort Zone

Once again this links in without being able to have emotional honesty with your partner and if you can’t talk about what you’re comfortable with sexually than it may be time to delay. It can seem scary to try and tell someone that you don’t want to do certain things or you want to take things slow, but if your significant other truly appreciates then they’ll understand your position and will be patient. Furthermore, if you don’t speak up it can leave a taint on the entire experience and may leave a negative impression on your relationship. By being open and honest with your partner from the start you can ensure that your relationship is sure to succeed.

Hooking up for the first time shouldn’t be a callous and distant affair; you should really connect with your partner and have the maturity to do what you’re going to do. Having prior conversations to hooking up and understanding where you both stand can help your relationship in the future and make hooking up more special than ever before.

Be Mindful of your Partner’s Desires

When you have built a strong and stable foundation for your relationship and are more comfortable with hooking up with each other than catering to each other’s tastes should be much easier. Hooking up isn’t a secular act, it’s an act of unity and ensuring that both of you are experiencing the sensuality when hooking up is vital. You don’t want to be handled carelessly or feel as though the other person is just taking as both of you should be getting something from getting together. Ensuring that your foreplay caters to both of you will guarantee that you and your partner have an incredible experience and feel closer to each other.

Go where the flow takes you, but always be mindful of what your partner could be desiring and thinking of. By taking care to please your partner you’ll be ensuring that you both have a good experience when first hooking up and it will set the precedent for the rest of your relationship.


You can never be certain when you and your partner are going to hookup for the first time, so grooming can never be exactly on point. However, by ensuring good hygiene it’ll make you feel sexier and more confident when you and your significant other take the plunge. Undoubtedly there is a lot on your mind when you hookup with someone for the first time and you don’t want to have something else to worry about. A lot of the time your fears are unwarranted, but if you feel comfortable with yourself then you’re more likely to have an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

Keeping It Safe

Ultimately making sure that you’re practicing safe sex should be on your mind at all times. Sometimes the passion of the affair can take your mind off such things, especially when hooking you for the first time. Everything is passionate, exciting and new, so it can be easy to forget to practice sex safely but you’ll regret not doing so. Even if the lady in the situation is on some sort of contraception both of you still need to use condoms to stop spreading diseases. It may be unlikely that your partner has anything, but most of these diseases don’t show symptoms early on so they might not even know. By hooking up safely you’ll ensure that your experience is still memorable, but it won’t get you or your partner in any hot water either.

Undeniably both you and your partner need to be confident and comfortable enough in each other’s company when you’re thinking about hooking up for the first time. As always you should be completely honest with your significant other and tell them what you want, otherwise, you can end up in an incredibly messy situation. Being careful and considerate of your partner should be your top priority then before you know it you’ll feel calm and ready to make the next big step. Hopefully, our hookup tips have prepared you for the complexities of hooking up for the first time.