How to Appear Sexy Without Looking Like You’re Trying

woman ies on her stomach

Have you ever checked out someone and then had to do a double-take because they were that sexy? We’ve all done it at once or twice before. And have you ever looked at someone of the same gender and was amazed that they were so attractive?

Some people are just born with this amazingly natural pizazz that has all the people flocking to them, while the rest of us… Well, aren’t so blessed. That doesn’t mean that you can’t change that, though. In fact, it’s totally possible to look sexy and make it look like you were born with it! Want to know how? Keep reading and find out!

1. A fabulous body.

Yeah, we know that honing in on the physical aspect of being sexy is shallow, but let’s face it, much of what we find sexy in someone originates with the way they look. A body that is in great shape attracts people because it shows them that you care about yourself. Not only that but when you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself and start dressing better. Which leads us to our next tip.

2. Dressing nicely.

There is a difference between dressing sexy and dressing nicely. A lot of people think that when they dress sexy, that is appealing. You know, the more skin you reveal, the hotter you’ll be. Wrong! Many times people overstep that fine line and wear clothing that is so over the top, they ebb on being trashy. Instead, you can dress sexily by choosing garments that look good and show off your body in a flattering way. Oh, and you don’t have to reveal every inch of skin either.

3. Maintain good grooming habits.

You can have a great body, and you could wear the best clothing, but it is all for nothing if your hair is unkempt, your nails are filthy, and you stink. You have to maintain a good hygiene regime not only to uphold that sexiness that you’re trying to create for yourself but for health reasons too. Besides, no one really wants to be known as the stinky person, right?

4. Wear sexy undergarments.

There isn’t anything that will make you feel sexier than sexy underwear, be it lace, satin or silk. You needn’t reveal it for anyone but yourself to see, but just when you know that you’ve got something so sexy and beautiful under your outfit can make you feel good about yourself.

5. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself.

Now is the time to buy that pedicure kit or that hour in the awesome massage chair at the mall. Sexy people love and pamper themselves all the time. If you don’t think that you deserve to splurge on yourself now and then, be it on cosmetics, accessories, or new gadgets, then you don’t really believe that you’re sexy. You have to love yourself and always look like you just stepped out of a beauty salon.

6. Respect yourself and expect to be respected.

When you learn to respect yourself, you can consider yourself someone worthy of being respected. You shouldn’t let your friends take your friendship for granted or treat you like you aren’t important. When you’re around people who truly love and respect you, your own self-worth will increase.You’ll learn to be so much more confident. Plus, you’ll always remember that by respecting yourself, it is not a sign of being egoistic. It shows that you know your own self-value.

7. Love the life you live.

Learning to love yourself and the life you’re living. You should be happy and be having fun every day. When people see that you are having fun and enjoying life, that is sexy. Have you ever seen people who are always pessimistic or negative in life? They’ aren’t very good company. They do not attract any sexy attention even if they are rather good looking. Decide to be the life of the party! Always laugh, be cheerful and look on the bright side of everything. Happy people will always be seen as incredibly attractive. They make everything around them come alive like a burst of fresh air. Be that happy, attractive person and you’ll have potential mates lining up for your affection.

8. Work on your expressions.

There isn’t anything more attractive than someone who knows how to express themselves with confidence. When it comes to being sexy, confidence is always key, and it will be what gets you to where you want to be.

When you take these steps into consideration while on your quest to looking sexy, you’ll find that you’ll start feeling sexier, too.