What is Love? We Define Love and It’s Meaning


Love, it is something that we all know that we want, but it is something that not all of us understand. So, what is love? How do you define love and know what is love and what isn’t love?

Want to know more? If you do, then why not take a look at what we think is love and the things that could show that it definitely isn’t love.

The definition of love

Before we look at the feelings, emotions and thoughts that could lead you to believe that love is definitely around you, it makes sense that we understand more about the literal definition
of love.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection

You could describe love as something that hits you all at once, something that overwhelms you, or perhaps something that develops over time. But what you will know about love is that when it does happen, chances are that you will know about it.

What is love?

Not 100% sure on whether or not you understand what love is? If this is true for you then you might want to take a deeper look at the things that will make an appearance when you are in love with someone.

Love is chemistry

The thing about love is that it can be really hard to decide whether or not you are in love with someone, or you are just completely in the throes of lust. The trouble is that love and lust are similar, they both rely on chemistry. Lust, unlike love, is temporary, it is a fleeting feeling of desire which will release a short burst of oestrogen or testosterone, before disappearing completely. Love, on the other hand, is long-term and will release a whole different assortment of chemicals which will be in your body for a much longer time.

Love is commitment

When you love someone, you want to do your very best to stay committed to them and only them. If you are in a relationship where you are thinking about other people or perhaps even cheating on the person, then chances are that you don’t really love them. Love means that you don’t want to hurt the other person, which means that those lustful feelings that could crop up, will swiftly disappear.

Love is friendship

Whilst love and friendship may seem like two completely separate things, the truth is that they often go hand and hand. There is a much higher chance that you are going to fall in love with someone who you feel connected to and that you feel has similar interests, views and values. This is why it is often the case that people will think of their partner as their best friend, because the two feelings are very much intertwined.

What isn’t love?

Okay, so you know what the signs are that love is in your life. But how do you know when love hasn’t made an appearance?

Love cannot be bought

Love is free and it is something that cannot ever be bought. Sure, having money in our lives will make things easier, but without love things are going to be emptier. If you are with someone because they provide for you in some way, then you need to think about whether or not you actually love that person, or whether they are merely helping to support you.

Love is never abusive

We hear all too often about people staying in an abusive relationship because they simply love the other person too much to walk away. Of course, love is incredibly complicated and often someone in a violent or abusive relationship will have strong feelings of love for the other person. But, it is important to remember that as the other person isn’t showing you love back, then you are not in a loving relationship and you should seek advice on ways that you can leave them.

Love is a beautiful thing and when you have love in your life you are going to feel pretty invincible. If you don’t have love in your life at the moment, then stay strong. We can promise you that one day, love will come out of nowhere and hit you and once it takes hold, you will never ever be the same again.

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